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2 Days Into My New Job

Like I mentioned in the last WCS, I got some news to share. Yeah, I know that I said it’ll be made known on Tuesday, but guess what… I lied. Heh!

Anyway, Tuesday was my last day with SSD. I really enjoyed working with the highly experienced and knowledgable people there, however, I would very much prefer the direction of my career to head towards IT. I find my experiences being the Operations Manager at SSD to be a highly rewarding one. I’m a much better person today than I was before joining SSD.

I guess some of you might ask, “What are you doing now?”. Well, I’m now working as an Analyst Programmer at a company which I wouldn’t want to name at present. I’m currently under probation, so probably when my employment is confirmed, I would be more comfortable to reveal my new employers 🙂

So far, I’ve been working for two days… and I must say it sure feels “different” to (again) be working in a “big” company. But hey, I got a company laptop… how’s that for corporate perks! I’ll update more when I feel comfortable doing so 🙂

4 responses to “2 Days Into My New Job”.

  1. farking Says:

    from Operation Manager to Analyst Programmer really a backward here don’t u think? But working in a big company might interest you of extra $$$ and benefit. We live for $$$ more or less btw. But i’m like to advice don’t or never reveal you personal info such as where u work..what u do for living. There’s so many eyes careful 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    A step backwards? In terms of “titles that can be printed on business cards”, yeah probably. However, to me all that matters is meeting challenges. I strive for excellence wherever I go. I did it at all my previous jobs, I’ll do it now with my current employers, and I’ll most probably do it until I die.

    As for the main reason for my leaving, I’ve already stated in my post. Operations is not really a career path I have in mind. I did it because it was a responsibility bestowed upon me. I thought it would be something temporary, but IT implementations-wise, it is obvious that I wouldn’t be an IT manager at SSD for at least 3 years… and I’m not ready to wait that long.

    Anyway, the money and benefits being better is just a bonus, and never really a prerequisite on my behalf. Heck, I didn’t even know what my salary was going to be like until about 24 hours before starting… not that I’m really bothered anyway. However, the company location is about 5 minutes drive from my home… that is another plus. However, parking rates are quite high 😛 I guess I’ll have to go for season parking soon 🙂

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  4. farking Says:

    5 minutes? jln kaki dah le..eehhe