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The Cowardice Of Arab States In The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Have you heard the story of this vibrant neighbourhood where there’s rich people and poor living side by side? The neighbourhood also has nice and not so nice people in it. Actually, “not so nice” is an understatement. Some of these people are pure evil; murderers of the worst kind.

In this neighbourhood, tensions often flare for the simplest of reasons, especially between residents of two apartment blocks; side by side with one another. One block is modern, with the residents having plenty of money and the facilities are very much admired. They also have pretty nifty weapons, the most advanced in the region (maybe even the world)… although they maintain that these weapons are for self defense, there are proven records that they quite often use these weapons to intimidate their neighbours.

The neighbouring block is decrepit and old… very much a ghetto in every sense of the word. Almost nothing ever functions properly and most units don’t even have doors on them, let alone more advanced security systems like their rich neighbours. Nevertheless, every once in a while relatives from other parts of the neighbourhood give them weapons too, also allegedly for self defense… but we all know what weapons do, especially in the wrong hands.

These two neighbouring blocks’ residents have been at odds with one another, especially in the issue of ownership of the apartment blocks they live in. The residents of the decrepit block claims that parts of the modern block belong to them; taken forcefully away during a conflict they had years ago.

Their neighbours maintain that they had no other choice but to take those units because the poorer people started the conflict by attempting to seize more units in the modern block. Ultimately the rich guys blame the poor guys for the state they’re in right now.

Til this very day, the two neighbours have been arguing and fighting. The apartment blocks have been damaged and repaired countless times. Residents have been hurt, maimed and even killed. Men, women, the elderly, and worst; children and even unborn babies have been killed in the violence.

The two apartment blocks are called Israel and Palestine… and you’ve probably heard of them very often nowadays. If you’ve been living in a secluded cave for the past 50 years, get a recap here.

The situation there right now is probably the worst I’ve seen and read in my life. To make things worse, both parties are hell bent to get to destroy one another. To them, this is the only way for this dispute to end. Period.

Realistically, I agree. I just don’t see independent states of Israel and Palestine co-existing in peace. The two people are destined to eternal fighting. Although it sickens me that it has to come to this, I would really, really, really love to be proven wrong!

What I do find more sickening though is the attitude of the rest of the world, particularly the Arab states. The US has taken a stand that it will side with the Israelis to the bitter end. Although I’m appalled by the simplistic stand, at least the American administration made their position absolutely crystal clear.

The Arabs on the other hand, remain cowardly immobile. Sure, they make a lot of noise… but have taken absolutely no initiative to help their neighbours. At the very least they could have just picked a side; Israel or (more likely) the Palestinians. Supply armies, tanks, weapons; anything it takes… just to stabilize the region once and for all (or at least just 50-60 years; should be good enough).

What excuse do they have? No money? For heaven’s sake, the Arabs have the grandest hotels in the world, heck they even own the blue side of Manchester. Not enough manpower? Arabs outnumber Israelis at least a hundred to one. Not enough technology? Yes, this is probably true. Arabs aren’t the smartest tool in the shed and everybody knows that… but surely the trillions in oil revenue can overcome this.

The fact of the matter is, the Arabs don’t really care about the Palestinians… maybe the Arab population in general sincerely do care, but their kings, Sheikhs and dictators really don’t give a rat’s ass; as long as the conflict doesn’t reach their borders.

In Malaysia, we’re collecting donations to help the Palestinians cope with the conflict. Some are even boycotting American goods. Although I personally think that nothing ever commercially belongs to any one country in the world right now, at least we’re doing something.

I hate to see people, especially kids, dying in a conflict like this. I don’t care if they’re Palestinians or Israelis; children are innocent. They are the closest things we have to angels right here on earth. What makes it more heart-wrenching is that their Arab neighbours choose to do jack shit about it.

If you think this is a racist anti-Arab rant, I assure you it’s not. The reality is exactly as I described. The Arabs, being the majority, has a responsibility towards the stability of the region. Yet, they sit on their oil profits and do absolutely nothing about it.

I wonder how the Arab kings and dictators look themselves in the mirror everyday, knowing that at that particular moment, an innocent child is probably killed in a conflict that they are too cowardly to help end.

To Palestinian and Israeli children trapped in this conflict; my prayers go out to you. I just hope that when you’re older and wiser, you remember what a bunch of idiots your parents and grandparents were; and take the steps necessary to make sure that your generation never repeat such stupidity.