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The End Of Tyranny… Hopefully

I guess I’m not alone in having optimism as President Obama takes office. My grandparents remember the reign of Adolf Hitler as being the worst in their lifetime. I’m pretty sure that the days of George W. Bush is the closest I’ve gotten to their experience.

I’m sure Dubya has done quite a number of good things during his time in office, unfortunately the severity of the bad things he’s done is greater in enormity.

George Bush Jr. will forever be remembered for Iraq and his faux war on terror. Some will miss him. For me though, all I can say is; Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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  1. Dabido Says:

    Actually, at the beginning of ‘Dubyas’ reign I thought we were going to go the same way as Germany did when Hitler took over. [A lot of history buffs and intellectuals commented on a lot of similarities].
    I don’t know what p*ssed me off more, what ‘Dubya’ was doing or the fact that US Republicans kept calling me rude words and calling me ‘Un-American’ [which annoyed me as I am NOT nor do I want to be an American … something some Americans can’t understand … I did say ‘Some’ and not ‘all’ just in case some Americans are reading. I would assume they were a vocal minority].

    Actually, with the way the US economy went and the war etc, I’m still p*ssed off at Americans who tell me what a great saviour he was for the west. They were obviously not paying enough attention.

    As for whether he did some good or not, remember, Adolph did a lot of good for Germany for a while. He restarted their economy and did a lot of other things. It doesn’t justify the evil he did, and the same goes for ‘Dubya’. No matter what ‘good’ he has done, the world suffered (and is still suffering) because of his (and his fellow cabinet members) poor judgement. It just goes to prove the US is still a political minnow and a big bully in a big world.

    Anyway, I welcome the change of Government and I hope Obama can bring the stability to the world we all need and also fulfill his promises to the US and the rest of the world.
    I hope he does for politics what Martin Luther King Jr did for Civil rights.