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Feel… So… Unclean

No, I wasn’t raped or anything… well, at least not physically. I guess then pain and agonising feeling of guilt, eventhough it’s not really your fault, could be similar… but who am I to make presumptions. You might be thinking, “What the hell is this guy blabbering about?” Well, let me explain…

Today, I had my first coding assignment with my new employer. It’s a simple database project, something I could cook up within a few minutes using PHP and MySQL. The thing is, there’s a very specific requirement about this project… (take a deep breath)… it must be coded in Microsoft Access.

If you’re a regular reader of HTNet, you would know that I am a very strong advocate of the Linux OS, and is a diehard user of the Slackware distro. Because of my background, programming (in general) using Access (particularly) which by the way has some mini VB (of all languages) scripting capabilities integrated, is quite a bit to be absorbed by yours truly 😛

Basically, I had Access open, and a few IE window open… Yes, you heard me right, IE! Because I code on the company notebook. Perhaps when my probation period is over, I would be more daring and install Firefox on it. On all those IE windows, I’m going through sample codes and whatever Access tricks to get the app I’m working on functioning the way I want it.

The good news is, after about four hours (and two cigarettes) I got the App running as per minimal requirement. Mind you, it’s not really an easy job. I basically had a crash course in Access programming (if it can even be called that in the first place), where my form would need to update two tables, and read another to generate a unique ID. And this is bestowed upon someone who last used access in 1999! 😛

The bad news is, although I’m happy with my achievement today, I feel really “drained” by the whole ordeal. Thankfully, MS apps have excellent documentation (ahh… the wonders of the F1 key) and there’s plenty of resources out there relating to Access. And to think I got employed because I’m very familiar with Linux and they need a Linux guy… heh, perhaps this is just a test to see if I’m just a zealot or flexible enough to use whatever tools I’m given to complete an assignment.

I think I did pretty damn well… let’s see what the users say about it tomorrow 🙂

3 responses to “Feel… So… Unclean”.

  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Well done! I last used Access in 1996 … I think I have forgotten most of it now. (Lucky me!)

    I was once employed because I had Unix and VB skills by a company – they scraped the VB project (thank goodness) and after two years of them having me do other things, I was eventually let loose as the Unix Admin I was originally hired to be!

    So might be similar situation for you. Poor management can lead them to hire resources (people) with specific skills which either never get utilised, or (as in my case) not utilised for two years. The reason they gave me, was they wanted me to prove I was a good PICK programmer before they would let me do the Unix stuff – the stupid thing being, I’d never used PICK before going to that company.

    Anyway – nice to see you did well, and hopefully they will have you doing the Linux stuff soon.

    I’m going to be setting up a Linux (Redhat) mailserver for someone soon. Should be good, because everything they have is MS … but they are a non-profit organisation, so they can’t afford an MS Exchange Server. Hopefully the new mailserver will convert them to Linux! 🙂

  2. tyler Says:

    Very well done indeed. Unfortunately, we’ve got a huge access database at work that store most of our info. A custom app was writen to interface with it. I’m getting ready to transfer all the data to a MySQL database and just continue using Access as a sort of “frontend” to the MySQL data. That way our existing application will still work with the data in MySQL, through Access.

    This affords me all kinds of opportunities to port our application to PHP. I’m gonna write a web-based version. Sounds like you did a good job with what you had to work with though. 🙂

  3. farking Says:

    great.. sure berpeluh luar dan dlm 😀