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Visually Analyze Your Website Loading Time


Having fast loading websites are important to professional webmasters and hobbyist bloggers alike. If your web pages fail to load quickly you’ll lose a significant portion of your visitors.

Almost everyone wants instant gratification. Even with the best SEO and content optimizations your website is competing with hundreds of millions of other web pages available online. Therefore having fast page load speeds will stop you losing visits to the next item in a search engine results page.

A basic web page load test involves using your own computer to view your web pages and time them manually. However, this is not the best method because there are too many variables that will skew your benchmark.

One of my favourite web page load speed testing resource is Pingdom Tools. The rest of this post will explain why.

Easy to Use

Pingdom’s full page test contains only one form input field; the URL to test.

Essentially, just type in the URL and click on the Test now button. That’s it!

Visual Information Representation

Once you clicked the button, the tool will then retrieve all the components of your web page including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other embedded content.

Load times for each component is drawn out on an intuitive graph detailing their individual load performance as shown below:

Pingdom Results Page

Archived Results History

Another wonderful feature of Pingdom Tools is that it archives results of all tests performed for a particular URL. This is immensely useful for you to monitor your site’s performance over time.

Pingdom Test History

Just click on the link to a previously conducted test and you’ll see the details.

It’s FREE!

Similar commercial testing tools would require monetary investment. However, the wonderful capabilities of Pingdom Tools is provided free for everyone to use.

You don’t even have to register and expose your email address or other personal information.

If you do need a more robust uptime monitoring tool, Pingdom also offers a paid uptime monitoring service priced from $9.95 per month. It might be worth checking out if your business is heavily reliant on your server’s uptime.

2 responses to “Visually Analyze Your Website Loading Time”.

  1. papajoneh Says:

    Yep, this is a good tool indeed. Interestingly, my pj site loaded at 5.3 secs at this very moment in time. When I check the previous record, it ever gone to 19 seconds. Hobby site, at 7+ secs. Still ok I think 🙂

    Nice info here 🙂

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    papajoneh: Yep, Pingdom is awesome! It’s particularly useful for me to check whether slow speeds are actually because of the server or the more common TMNet problems.