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Google Founders Get $1 Salary With No Bonuses

One of the biggest finance news last week was AIG’s bonus payment to its execs to the tune of USD$165 million. Nevermind that AIG was essentially bankrupt if not for the rescue package put up by the White House.

Perhaps these people could learn a few lessons from Google’s top executives Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt who each took home salaries of $1 each in 2008.

2 responses to “Google Founders Get $1 Salary With No Bonuses”.

  1. Deslack Says:

    Be deceived not, they carry home stock options worth millions per year. The $1 Salary is just tax evasion tactics, as taxes on income is higher than asset acquisition, in this case the valuable stock options that they receive.

  2. Deslack Says:

    Err… I stand corrected. This is what happens when I don’t read the FA before I post.