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Why You Should Turn That Great Idea Into A Product NOW!

I’ve been receiving unexpected surprises for the past few days. I’m not someone who likes surprises but for these, I make an exception.

The first surprise is that I noticed my short URL generator has been receiving a lot of traffic for the past few weeks… and that’s only part of the surprise. has also been receiving daily AdSense clicks for almost a whole week! For almost an entire year before that, it only had two or three clicks total. So this is a welcome improvement.

I’ve also noticed that it has attained a PageRank of 3; this is of no importance for a URL chopper but it’s appreciated nonetheless; thanks to’s users, linkers and Google 🙂

The next surprise was only discovered a few minutes ago when I logged on to my ShareASale account (read more on what I’ve written about ShareASale). I have made a $3.60 commission from selling this Sterling Silver Two-Tone CZ Pave Mini-Hearts Clover Ankle Bracelet from my online jewellery store.

I know it’s not much, but have you seen I’ll be the first person to tell you that the site is butt ugly! Why? Because it was never meant to be a public site. It’s simply a ShareASale shop system I’m building and it’s not even beta quality. Heck, it has tons of bugs that needs fixing! Yet, I’ve managed to sell something from it. Just imagine if I put it more effort to build it into a proper jewellery store…

Nevertheless, this shows that as long as you give yourself an opportunity to make money it will come sooner or later. The thing is to get it out from idea phase to become reality!

Many people make the mistake of not realizing an idea because it’s still “not ready”. Nothing is ever ready. Take a look at Windows Vista… it still crashes. Just like Windows XP and Windows 2000 and Windows ME and Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. But without pushing it out into the market, Microsoft would never have ideas on how to improve the system (and make more money selling it as the next Windows version).

So the next time you postpone working on that dream project of yours; remember this post and just get it out “as is”… you can improve on it later.

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    Awesome lah! Just DUIT!