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Flashing At Pretty Ladies

One huge benefit of being a Sony Alpha DSLR user is that Sony organizes a lot of events for us. Workshops, seminars, shooting sessions; you name it, we have it… and for free! So pfftt to you Canikon peepz 😛

Anyway, I had the opportunity to join one of these workshops; Sony Alpha Flash Workshop, yesterday (Saturday, 6 June 2009) at Puteri Pacific Johor Bahru. Coincidentally, yesterday was my first anniversary of being a DSLR owner. One year on and I’m still in love with my α200.

The workshop provided useful information about Sony’s excellent flash product line; including the HVL-F58AM that I already own. It is by far the most advanced flash system available in the market.

To be honest, I’m a total noob when it comes to flash photography, especially off-camera flash usage (known as strobing to photographers). The workshop provided solid background knowledge for me to dive more into strobing.

The best thing about Sony Alpha’s flash system is that it comes with wireless capabilities right out of the box. No other manufacturers including the more famous Canon and Nikon systems can make this claim.

After the workshop session, participants are invited to apply what they’ve learnt practically. Three models were hired for us photographers to practise our flash skills on.

The first model is very pretty and sweet. She’s sporting enough to provide us with plenty of poses. What I respected the most was her professional attitude… I’ve a feeling that she will have an excellent modelling career.

Model 1 From Sony Alpha Flash Workshop (by azmeen)

The next model was young and petite. Photographing her shiny dress posed a challenge… but thankfully we learnt about Sony flash units ADI technology which helps us overcome this issue.

Model 2 From Sony Alpha Flash Workshop (by azmeen)

The third model has wonderful porcelain complexion and was a pleasure to work with. Personally, I’m not too impressed with her outfit, especially the oversized belt… but hey, I’m no fashion designer so I better keep my mouth shut 😉

Model 3 From Sony Alpha Flash Workshop (by azmeen)

Other than the cute models, there were cute photographers too.

Beautiful Fellow Alpha Photographer (by azmeen)

For more photos taken during this event, please visit my Flickr set.

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