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Hutan Bandar Revisited

I’ve shared pictures of Hutan Bandar three and a half years ago. Last Saturday, I joined a group of fellow Alpha JB members for a TT session (a Malaysian term for a meet-up, TT is an acronym for ‘Teh Tarik’; a popular Malaysian drink) held at the same location.

Myself, along with Jazli, Sanik, Adie and Syafik proceed to capture the morning scenes. Shooting started at about 8:30 am. Here I’d like to share some of the photos I took that day.

Path By The Lake (by azmeen)

As usual on a weekend morning, there were many joggers at Hutan Bandar. The lush greenery and tranquil surroundings make jogging all the more enjoyable.

The Lake (by azmeen)

The morning sun gave Hutan Bandar a nice aura. When the light reflects on the many lakes and streams scattered around the park, it simply has to be captured on camera.

Water Under the Bridge (by azmeen)

Hutan Bandar has many small bridges. Some are concrete and others, like the one shown above, are made out of wood.

Dock (by azmeen)

The dock overlooks a small island in the middle of the lake. I love how the sunlight gets focused onto the island by the surrounding trees.

Abandoned Boat (by azmeen)

I doubt that this boat was ever used in the small pool where we found it. The boat is now home to hundreds of mosquito larvae. By the time the walkabout session ended, I have about a dozen mosquito bites on my arms.

Abandoned Kayaks (by azmeen)

These kayaks hint that they were once used in the Hutan Bandar lakes. Right now they’re yet another home for insects and small animals that roam this recreational park.

Log this! (by azmeen)

Amidst all the sense of abandonment surrounding the place, you can still find beauty. Sometimes it makes you forget that this patch of greenery is right in the middle of Johor Bahru city.

Overall, I’m pleased to join my new friends on this photo session. I’m sure that this was my first of many with them.