Every fsckin’ year, them stupid Indons keep doing the same shit: clearing forests by burning them. Consequentially, the whole region is enveloped by thick haze, but this year’s haze is the worse ever. You can read more Malaysian haze related news from Google News.

I hate to over-generalise, but it’s hard to see it any other way… most Indonesians are idiots (especially their government, no, strike that… Indonesians voted them morons into power, so yeah… most Indonesians are fsckin’ idiots). It’s fine and dandy if you want to burn your fskin’ forests to make way for whatever “development” (congratulations on graduating on to farming… we had a good time with that since a few hundred years ago), but for God’s sake, can’t you keep it under control? If you can’t manage things as simple as this, how the hell are you ever going to be a civilised society (not that there’s any chance of it happening in this millenium anyway).

If I sound bigoted, let me just clarify that I’m merely pissed by the irresponsible attitude of the Indonesians with regards to the cause of this haze. I don’t really have any problems with Indonesians in general… heck, my maid is Indonesian. Just as moronic as the Indonesians are Malaysians who are also contributing to the haze by committing open burning. Heck, I’ve seen a lot of these idiots when I as travelling up to Kedah a few months ago.

It seems that the haze has suddenly became a hot blogging topic by Malaysians. Well, it’s unsuprising… that’s the very nature of the blogosphere. And almost every haze related blog posting I’ve seen links to Haze Haters in KL, so I will too… by the way, us Johoreans hate the fsckin’ haze too… thankfully we’re not as severely affected as you KL and Klang Valley people.

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