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Indonesian Morons: Stop Burning Your Own Forests

Every fsckin’ year, them stupid Indons keep doing the same shit: clearing forests by burning them. Consequentially, the whole region is enveloped by thick haze, but this year’s haze is the worse ever. You can read more Malaysian haze related news from Google News.

I hate to over-generalise, but it’s hard to see it any other way… most Indonesians are idiots (especially their government, no, strike that… Indonesians voted them morons into power, so yeah… most Indonesians are fsckin’ idiots). It’s fine and dandy if you want to burn your fskin’ forests to make way for whatever “development” (congratulations on graduating on to farming… we had a good time with that since a few hundred years ago), but for God’s sake, can’t you keep it under control? If you can’t manage things as simple as this, how the hell are you ever going to be a civilised society (not that there’s any chance of it happening in this millenium anyway).

If I sound bigoted, let me just clarify that I’m merely pissed by the irresponsible attitude of the Indonesians with regards to the cause of this haze. I don’t really have any problems with Indonesians in general… heck, my maid is Indonesian. Just as moronic as the Indonesians are Malaysians who are also contributing to the haze by committing open burning. Heck, I’ve seen a lot of these idiots when I as travelling up to Kedah a few months ago.

It seems that the haze has suddenly became a hot blogging topic by Malaysians. Well, it’s unsuprising… that’s the very nature of the blogosphere. And almost every haze related blog posting I’ve seen links to Haze Haters in KL, so I will too… by the way, us Johoreans hate the fsckin’ haze too… thankfully we’re not as severely affected as you KL and Klang Valley people.

7 responses to “Indonesian Morons: Stop Burning Your Own Forests”.

  1. kcyap Says:

    Not just you Johorian hate the haze but me IM in Sarawak we also hate it so much. Im also a participation in the Haze haters in KL. In sarawak although the haze api is not high but still we can feel the heat. I hate indonesian and kalimantan poeple now. They are putting us in a BIG damn risk.

  2. IB Says:

    Really, you should get your facts straight. A lot of the burning is caused by malaysian companies who own plantations in Indonesia.

    And Malaysia, when it was at the same economic level as Indonesia also used to practice a lot of burning.

    I agree it’s wrong, but I also think it’s wrong to blanket “hate” the indonesians. We should be looking for the REAL cause of the fires, not just jump to conclusions.

    Who’s the moron now?

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I’ve heard a lot about (some of) the burners being Malaysian companies. However, I’ve yet to see any documented proof of this accusation. Until this is proven, as far as I’m concerned, this happened on Indonesian soil, and thus, the Indonesians are totally responsible for this incident.

    And just to be more specific, even if the companies which caused the burning in the first place are indeed Malaysian companies, it still happened in Indonesia, for which the Indonesian government is the authority, which means that they have absolute control of implementing law and order in their own country. So, in the end, the haze is 100% the fault of the Indonesian government which shamefully failed to maintain law and order in their own backyard.

    And while we’re on the topic of facts, let me refresh you on how us Malaysians see them.

    Fact: The haze originated from forest fires in Indonesia.

    Fact: Those forest fires are because of the Indonesians’ chosen method of clearing forests for plantation; ie. burning them down.

    Fact: The Indonesian President himself admitted this, and apologised, being the gentleman that he is.

    Fact: For a country with a population of almost a quarter billion, surely this is an avoidable incident in the first place. Heck, if only 0.1% of Indonesia’s population is dedicated to putting out the fire, it means that there’s almost 250 people doing it.

    As to the question of who’s the moron, I guess the question is self-explanatory. The Malaysians have decided, the world has decided, the Indonesian president has decided… have you?

    Thanks for commenting, I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion. And just for your information, I even “blanket-hated” some Malaysians as well, in case you’ve missed the third paragraph in my posting.

  4. J SERVOS Says:

    Well i “blanket-hate” indons for there in-human treatment of all non muslims
    well actualy all non radical muslims , but dont get me started on muslims and there juvenile religion which some may think is as old as time but actualy is not even as old as australia, and has about as much truth as ancient african tribes and there belief that ANT shit created the world. So why does indo live like a “fourth” world country and destroy its own enviroment … MONEY MONEY MONEY… Currupt gov officials who dirrectly financialy prosper from these arrangements are the ones who actualy own and run indo not the people or the pm the pm is just a puppet, just like the aussie pm . But the people are not the ones pulling the strings it is the multinationals headed by the LOW DOWN U.S.A. Yes the U.S.A the same people who STAGED 9/11 and killed there own people “something the indons would relate to” as to convince the world of the necessity to dis-arm Iraq Iran Afghanistan north korea etc , so i believe that the indon monkeys who are responsible for the destruction of there own forests
    may just be victims of US Expansion…. Diss-regaurd or draw your own conclusions the choice is yours…But i invite all radical religions to play a bit of jihad with us A.N.Z.A.C. ‘S

  5. ditto Says:

    Re Justin k c yap (kcyap): please view this link for full details of scam committed by him -

    June 18, 2006 1:37 PM

  6. Miguel Says:

    indonesians and malaysians are BOTH F*CKING STUPID! PERIOD

  7. appleguy Says:

    i m damn tired of these nationalist obsessed forest and flag burning morons called the indonesians. These people are ill educated ill mannered and plain mentally ill. I mean how could a nation of people dislike a neighbouring country so much that the hatred blinded from all form of basic decent neighbourly code of conduct. 2 words i dedicated to these people i.e…”UP YOURS!!!!!!!”