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Malaysian Budget Hosting Faceoff: Exabytes vs Shinjiru

Many of us experience running our own web sites through blogging. The first steps are pretty straightforward; register with Blogger or and put our thoughts into writing. Then we learn a few tricks like embedding images and videos into our posts.

Later on, we start to explore other blogs for ideas and inspirations; leaving comments along the way. By this time, we will get comments on our blog posts too… and I’m sure it’s exciting to start getting regular readers on our blogs!

What many people discover next though isn’t as exciting as the first few steps. Some got irritated by the lack of control of their free blog hosting service. Some would like to monetize their content through ads but couldn’t do so as the terms and conditions of their free blog hosting provider doesn’t allow it.

So what’s next? Self hosting is where most people move on to… but who can we trust with our web content? How much is it going to cost?

In this post, I’m going to review the offers made by two of Malaysia’s leading web hosting provider; Exabytes and Shinjiru.

In terms of reputation, both have years of experience in the web hosting industry and are trusted by thousands of Malaysians to host their content.

More importantly though, both companies offer good deals for those who are new to self hosted solutions at prices that won’t tear a hole in your pocket!

For this review, I’m going to compare ExabytesShared EBiz Plus package with Shinjiru‘s Mini plan. Both offer 10GB of storage space and 50GB monthly bandwidth. Both packages run on Linux servers and are very suitable for beginners who are new to self hosting.

Exabytes‘ Shared Ebiz Shinjiru‘s Mini Conclusion
Storage Space 10GB 10GB Draw!
Monthly Bandwidth 50GB 50GB Draw!
Control Panel CPanel CPanel Draw!
Uptime Guarantee 99.9% 99.9% Draw!
Email Access POP3/SMTP, Webmail, IMAP POP3/SMTP, Webmail, IMAP Draw!
Email Accounts Unlimited 5 Advantage: Exabytes
MySQL Databases 50 5 Advantage: Exabytes
Domains Allowed 1 Main + 10 Additional 1 Advantage: Exabytes
Support Contact Method Web, Email, Phone Web, Email, Toll Free Phone Advantage: Shinjiru
Money Back Guarantee 100 Days 30 Days Advantage: Exabytes
Annual Price RM215.20 RM90 Advantage: Shinjiru
Bi-Annual Price RM350.40 RM170 Advantage: Shinjiru

As you can see, the technical aspects of both plans are virtually identical. Chances are, you will swing to a particular offer mostly based on email account requirements, maximum number of domains that can be hosted and of course the price.

If you have more than one web site and they require domains of their own, you’re probably better off with ExabytesShared EBiz plan as you can host up to 11 of them under the same account.

However, if you only have one web site, Shinjiru‘s Mini plan’s low annual price of only RM90 would be very attractive indeed.

In the end, you should go with the plan that fits your feature requirements as well as your available financial resources. Bear in mind though, that both companies have more advanced hosting plans that you can upgrade to when the need arises.

I’ll definitely review Exabytes‘ and Shinjiru‘s more advanced plans in the future… so stay tuned!

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23 responses to “Malaysian Budget Hosting Faceoff: Exabytes vs Shinjiru”.

  1. Malaysian Budget Hosting Faceoff: Exabytes vs Shinjiru Says:

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  2. a[R]e-[G] Says:

    hey, i kinda know you from IRC back in 97-97, on undernet #warisan, right?

    you created those awesome mIRC scripts heritage war, heritage lite, although of course my favourite was infamous heritage lite

    i’m not so sure whether you still me or not, but you taught me stuff. you taught me about hex editing, you taught me about a program (i forgot its name) that can replace images inside an executable file with new images.

    and for all those, i haven’t said thank you

    so thank you, you were awesome, |{||_|_


  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    Yes, that’s me. Thank you for remembering 🙂

  4. a[R]e-[G] Says:

    yeah, |{||_|_ @mothugz


    i have an awesome memory don’t i, hihihi

    so what’s up bro

  5. cyberfly Says:

    Hi, you also can find many Exabytes Malaysia customer reviews here :

    Hope u find it useful 😉

  6. Cool TV Says:

    Where is this blog hosted? I heared that serverfreak is better.

  7. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Cool TV: At present HTNet is hosted with Shinjiru.

  8. carlofina Says:

    for me, i do not considered exabytes as a cheap web hosting. their plans are a bit pricy compared to which offered by other providers nowadays BUT i have to agree that the features offered behind their pricy plans are worth every ringgits.

  9. babyhanna Says:

    malaysia web hosting review HERE

  10. dru Says:

    wahhh … IRC during 97 huh … |{||_|_ <— this is really oldddd story …. miss the old days ..

  11. dru Says:

    anyway both hosting company outstanding … i love exabytes and shinjiru .. i use both before now still using exabytes … i think this 2 company has grown really great from those days ..

  12. Steve Says:

    Although Shinjiru provides cheapest rate in first class shared hosting, however I felt very disappointed with their back-end technical support (level 1 & 2). 1 simple problem, they will drag as long as they can. Why? Because they don’t know how to solve it and just keep quiet without inform customer.

  13. ladycooper Says:

    most feedback from our client says that excellent support is the reason they continue renewing with Exabytes and keep recommending more of their friend to host with Exabytes.

    Exabytes is going to run a crazy deal before the .com/.net domain price increase internationally on 01-Jul-2010.

    .com domain will increase 7% while .net domain price will increase 10%. refer

    Get your .com/.net from only RM0.99 now @

  14. Hostgator Says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  15. Kok Hsien Says:

    how about comparing the memory usage allowed for shared hosting between the two sites. I find that most hosts don’t reveal that information.

  16. Jasmine Says:

    Looks like both Exabytes and Shinjiru are good choices. Perhaps it comes down to what is our specific needs and requirements. Anyway, I have just post up a simple review on Shinjiru

    Do come to have a look if you have a minute to spare. Cheers!

  17. Aarav Says:

    They are so helpful. I am new at this and they are very patient as iam a very doubtful by person. If it will be some other hosting companies like SHINJIRU.COM they will suspend my account… is great..!!!

  18. Shaun Says:

    Shinjiru engages in Black Hat hosting – hosting scam sites, HYIP scam investment programs, terrorists websites, malware websites, etc.

    Stay away from Shinjiru!

  19. Shaun Says:

    Apparently Shinjiru managed to get lowyat forum to delete the thread that mentioned Shinjiru’s black hat hosting.

    Anyway, the details of Shinjiru/Piradius scam is detailed here:

  20. indysong Says:

    Nice hosting useful.

  21. Omer Kajoshi Says:

    I have to tell you, the level of service from Shijniru has been outstanding. They are a credit to your company. It has been my pleasure to keep on subscribing to their hosting services for all my customer’s sites.
    For the most part, the recommendation has been based on the service that they have provided. Add that to the company’s other outstanding features, and it’s easy to recommend Shijniru first.

  22. Hellen Carter Says:

    well the policies at exabyte aren’t that much flexible and bug the customers quite often. For instance if you have a DMCA report, then your site would be taken down and then you would have to correspond with them, bla bla. But Shinjiru tries to resolve such issues by directly negotiating with their customers and in most of the cases, the issue gets settled down. Plus they value their customers very much, that I have felt intensely. But exabytes….!!!

  23. Morris Little Says:

    Exabytes should not only reduce the price drastically to catch up with Shinjiru but they would also have to increase their uptime and especially their customer support which by all means is earning them a bad name. Their servers are always down and the support staff sleeps at night time. Comparing it with Shinjiru, they too have many problems but at least their support staff is available all day and night eve on public holidays.