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Are $20 Mobile Phones Becoming Reality?

If what Texas Instruments‘ Chairman Tom Engibous has said is to be believed. Basically, TI’s strategy to achieve this is by implementing a single-chip mobile phone solution, which by itself, will reduce the manufacturing cost of mobile phones by 30%.

Although this technology will make mobile phones more affordable to the masses, I’m really wondering about the features that this “budget moby” will have. Will it really be single-purpose purpose device, like our classic telephones, which can only be used to make or receive calls? (Eh, that’s two purposes, but what the heck :P). The reason for me wanting to know this is because my mobile phone is not only a communications device, it’s also my watch (I haven’t worn a wristwatch since owning my first moby), calendar, organiser, notepad and ad-hoc camera, among others.

Maybe I’m just not part of this budget moby’s targeted demographics 😉