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Compulsory Registration for Malaysian Prepaid Mobile Users

I’m using a prepaid mobile service myself, and frankly, I don’t find this issue of compulsory registration to be troublesome at all. Heck, most operators have some sort of “club” available for users of their prepaid service, and many people register for the perks or just for being part of some “community”. Being a member of the Hotlink Club, I know for a fact that my personal details are already known to my operator.

However, what I find disturbing is the main reason why the Malaysian government is suddenly very keen on prepaid mobile service user registration. While the “official” reason given is for “security”; ie. to avoid prepaid lines to be used as anonymous bomb triggers… many Malaysians know that the probable “real” reason is to stop, or more likely, reduce the number of SMS rumour-mongering that is becoming more popular in Malaysian politics. Understandable choice of action, ulterior motives.

However, what I do like about this move by the government, is that it could probably stem the usage of prepaid service by loan sharks, or more lovingly known as Ah Longs by the Malaysian public. The Ah Longs are known to operate using multiple mobile phone lines (and virtually all are prepaid lines) and using different pseudonyms which they publicise using “name cards” that their “promoters” place in our mailboxes or stick between our car’s windshield and wipers. I guess now we can really know whether Jacky, Ah Leong, Mr. Wong, Alfred and Kok Chen are really the same guy 🙂

It seems that this issue is so big, that even the BBC is covering it as well 😉

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  1. mwt Says:

    This is an excercise in futility for the millions prepaid users. The crooks will by any means use false identification and get a number registered to defeat the purpose of this registration for security.

    Some means must be adopted to verify the details given like checking with the NRD for IC and the reply to the verification of addresses stated. But will the resellers undertake such measures to do a quick sale?

  2. HTNet Says:

    Of Prepaid Registrations and ISPs…

    This writeup from The Star focuses on two issues (ok, actually it focuses on Dr Lim Keng Yaik talking about these two issues, but what the heck):

    Prepaid SIM card registration
    Pushing ISPs to provide faster Internet access at affordable rates


  3. Prepaid phone cards Says:

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  5. gattushashi Says:

    sir can i get registration address of sim b using phone number

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  7. mohd nizam Says:

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