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The Future of Transportation

BP Oil Spill - BP rebranded

Eversince the BP oil leak issue, the evil of oil and its impact on the environment has become a hot topic again. As it is, there’s been extremely slow progress in the R&D of alternative power especially for vehicles.

It begs the question… have we been blinded by the promise of green technology for vehicles that we’ve forgotten to look back at the past for answers?

We already have vehicles that emit extremely small quantities of greenhouse gasses and doesn’t consume even a drop of gasolene. Let’s examine some of the models that you should consider as your next form of transportation.

Donkeys/mules: Good choice for one or two person. Can even accomodate your weekly shopping cargo with little problem. Buy two of them and hook ’em up to a cart and you’ll be able to transport a small family around town with little fuss. Extremely fuel efficient that you can even get them to move just by using carrots on a stick.

Horses: There’s a reason why Ferrari uses the horse in their insignia… these beasts are fast! Ironically, they will soon be the future equivalent of today’s sports cars; fast, high maintenance and consume tons of fuel (read hay). To really boost your social status, buy a pair or more of these beasts and attach them to a carriage and whizz past the other slomos on the road… try doing that with a Ferrari!

Elephants: When the need for sheer power is more important than speed, there’s no reason to look further than our grey, tusked friends. They have no problems pulling heavy loads and even intelligent enough to automatically perform repetitive tasks. Just don’t treat them badly as they never forget those who have been unkind to them.

As a bonus, we’ll even get free manure from these forms of transportation… so yay to going green! I’ll admit though that I have no idea what to replace airplanes and ships with, but let’s have someone else figure these out.

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