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More Than Meets The Eye: Spy Cams As CCTV Replacements?

Spy Cam

The Internet is chock full of information that finding out something can often become overwhelming. Sometimes though you get lucky and discovered a whole new perspective on the thing you’re researching.

I was looking for information on CCTVs for a project when I chanced upon this store that has a dedicated spy camera section. Suddenly CCTV seems like dinosaurs when compared to the sleek and stealthy cameras disguised as everyday objects (teddy bears, MP3 players, a can of Coke and even a rock to name a few). I always thought that such devices are just seen in movies… and even if they really exist, they would probably be in the hands of spy agencies that would be extremely unlikely to have any interest in an ordinary guy like me anyway.

The fact that such devices are sold online was really shocking. Anyone with a credit card could purchase these things. Heck you might even have one recording your actions in the office right now!

CCTVs I have no problems with. When I’m in a publicly accessable business premises,I know they are there whether I see them or not. More importantly, I understand that they are used for security reasons. Hidden cameras on the other hand may be acquired for the same good intention… but they can be misused way too easily for my liking. What’s to stop someone installing a hidden camera disguised as an air freshener in public toilets for example.

Remember what I said earlier about discovering new things on the net when you’re actually looking for something else? Guess what? The very same online shop that sells those spy cams also has a hidden camera detector section as well!

I never thought that such tools exist; but I’m sure glad that they do… at least it can even out the playing field a bit.