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Weekly Cool Stuff 8

At a browser near you… HTNet’s WCS part 8:

  • Sloganizer: Create a slogan from any term you enter. Many of the generated slogans do make sense… and some sound very familiar 😉
  • Real-time statistics about the world. The numbers are generated using JavaScript, I feel the algorythm is around the acceptable category.
  • Forensic Psychology Dictionary: Know what irritable aggression or insertional necrophilia means? No? Find out here.
  • Optimum X Downloads: A collection of (Windows) freeware utilities for command-line network administration, software distribution and login scripts.
  • Guess-the-Google: Test your Google images results query guessing skills. Pretty fun game!

Enjoy the links!

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  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Forensic Psychology! Way coooool! 🙂