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StyleKandi: The Next Generation of Style, Inspiration and Trend Setting


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – 8th February 2011 – Antics Media Sdn. Bhd. today announced that they have commencedone of their largest projects to date – StyleKandi. It is expected to launch its Beta Phase on the 8th of March 2011. StyleKandi’s aim is to become the top Malaysian Social Platform for users to ignite trends and share style & fashion tips with one another. The site will also profoundly promote related blog content from around the region to become an almanac for all things stylish and new. The tagline ‘Collective Inspiration’ serves as an all-encompassing summary of the project, encouraging people to inspire and be inspired alike.

“In today’s society, we look to the Internet for opinions, reviews information and ideas” says Azhar Razali, Creative Director of Antics Media “The question, ‘what should I buy next?’ is being answered by online magazines, blogs and internet media just as much as it’s being discussed by our peers.”

“It has enabled us to share inspiration and ideas at the click of a mouse and put it right in front of our eyes. Social media does a good job of bringing your friends together and keeping you close, but what about when it comes to fashion, style and all thingscool? Are the latest sneakers worth the money? Do I go for an iPhone or Blackberry? Or simply what is the ‘in’ thing right now? That is what StyleKandi is about – collectively inspiring tomorrow’s trends.”

StyleKandi is a platform that allows users to discover new trends and fashion. Here is a chance to be part of or even start the next big thing. A user can upload their blog posts, share their pictures, post their Flickr photos or even synchronize from their preferred social networking sitesto share with the community instantly. Be a designer, blogger, or just someone proud of their new sneakers, watch as a certain style catches fire and inspires the community.

With StyleKandi, the users are firmly in control.Bloggers can extend their influence and gain greater exposure by linking their blog to StyleKandi, and everyone can share their ideas and inspiration with people from around the world. StyleKandi uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine how ‘cool’ a post or look is. Users can show their love for a certain style, and the community will eventually determine its popularity.

Style Kandi is due to fully launch on the 31st of March 2011 and is expected to reach worldwide coverage by year end. “This is a very exciting time for us and for Malaysia as this is an opportunity to put the country on the map when it comes to the creation of an innovative Social Networking site” says Mark Wills, Managing Director of Antics Media, “The biggest challenge was to understand and integrate all that a social networker or blogger might want in one social networking application. We are close to launching the Beta phase, and looking at the development of the site, I’m very pleased and confident as we have managed to incorporate all aspects required to complement a social networker’s routine, including usefulness, creative style and user friendliness, all while delivering a unique product altogether.”

Registration is now open now to take part in the Beta Session of StyleKandi. To be one of the chosen few, log on to

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