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Lost Your Golf Balls? Find Them!

…with these ultra-special glasses for finding golf balls! Talk about really specific function devices! Here’s a quote from the gizmag article (which has a picture of the glasses):

The special lenses are claimed to make the lost ball almost appear to glow, making it easy to locate and resume play quickly.

When I read the article, the first thing that popped in my mind was, “How the heck is this possible?!”. I then noticed a link to the manufacturer’s web site; Visiball. Naturally, the first page I looked for was some sort of a demo on how the world looks like through the glasses; I found them here. Pretty interesting! My interest peaked, even though I’m not really a golfer… I’m just amused by useful technologies 🙂

I’m happy that Visiball included a page devoted to the Science of Visiball; in other words, how the glasses work. It’s really an interesting read… and when you’ve done with that, read up on what Purkinje Shift means.

And if you work for Visiball, kindly ask your boss to post me one of those glasses… These things might sell well in Malaysia 🙂

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  1. Jack Says:

    very useful for those who cant figure out where their balls flies to…ha ha ha , interesting.!!!