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One Month Into My New Job

…and I must say I enjoy every minute of the experience 🙂

I guess it’s time for me to reveal a few more details about my employers. You’d probably would like to know what sort of industry we’re in. Well, it’s a pretty exciting one… and it’s one with megabucks flying in and out of our accounts and balance sheets. We’re in the construction industry.

What type of construction? Well, the usual… residential and commercial. Houses, apartments, condominiums, shophouses… You know the drill. Pretty much brick and mortar type construction. Nothing too overly specialised. We have a few projects running concurrently in the JB outskirts. I’ve seen their progress and must say we build very nice homes indeed 🙂

I’m based in the HQ which is basically right smack in the center of Johor Bahru. It’s a typical office building (31 storeys high IIRC), of which my company occupies three floors 🙂 Did I tell you we’re pretty damn big? 😉 Our building is connected to a hotel, and there’s a bank operating at the ground floor as well. Pretty metro setting.

At present, everyone in the company is preparing for an ISO 9001:2000 audit (which is going to be this week). I was told that the auditor will randomly pick a few personnel and ask questions about their position, departmental objectives and the corporate quality policy. I pretty much processed all that information during my first week at work, and thus don’t foresee any problems if I’m picked for the interview 🙂

I guess this is pretty much all I’m going to reveal for now. The next update about my job would probably be next month… or perhaps on the day of my confirmation.