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Smart GPS Assisted Monitoring with TrackWhatMatters

When I purchased my Garmin-Asus smartphone about a year ago, the main reason I chose it over other models was because of its superior GPS navigation capabilities. I still think that my purchase is a wise one because I’m not into apps and games… I just want to reach unfamiliar destinations quickly and safely.

The thing is, GPS is not only useful in making sure we don’t get lost, it can also help businesses track mobile assets like vehicles and cargo; something I learnt quite a bit from

So how can GPS technology help a business? One obvious implementation is vehicle tracking where enterprises will be able to monitor the exact location of their trucks anywhere in the world. Believe it or not, GPS can even help in reducing fuel expenses. By planning the most efficient route to a delivery destination, GPS can assist in figuring out the shortest distance from Point A to Point B. Data like traffic pattern and weather can also be integrated into the calculation.

Now, if you’re already familiar with GPS, you might be thinking; “That’s nothing new”. Fair enough. However, what makes unique is that the GPS tracking systems it uses is very well integrated with a user friendly web interface. Trip and logistics related information such as speed, current location and even idle times can be accessed via a few mouse clicks. To top it off, offers tracking not for a single vehicle. You can monitor an entire fleet through the same interface and it’s organized very systematically.

From a business standpoint, it’s very clear how the services offered by can contribute towards the bottom line. But don’t be fooled by the business advantages of this service. Families can clearly benefit from some of the products being offered by as well.

Consider these GPS tracking devices, one of which is the Portable Tracking Device. Small, indiscrete and battery powered, this unit can simply be placed in your car before your teenage kid borrows it for a night out. You’d then be able to monitor how fast he’s been driving and where exactly he’s been in almost real time at the comfort of your home.

With, you’ll get real evidence instead of excuses, complete with date and time synchronized reports which can be viewed online or printed.

I definitely see a lot of potential from the products and services provided by… now if only they cover Malaysia as well 😉

2 responses to “Smart GPS Assisted Monitoring with TrackWhatMatters”.

  1. Kay Kastum Says:

    Would be cool if there is GPS system for motorcyclist as well

  2. reza Says:

    I chose it over other models was its superior GPS navigation capabilities and its Android OS, which allows me to get all the apps I want and need for my job and social life.