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Samsung Galaxy S II: Coming in the Next Few Weeks

Samsung Galaxy S II

Following the huge success and multi-million unit sales of the Galaxy S comes Samsung’s speedy follow up, the Galaxy S II. Contrary to rumours of a delay the Galaxy S II will be launched this April with later release dates in some regions following a standard Samsung release schedule. Since its initial announcement this highly anticipated phone has been bumped up from 1 to 1.2 GHz clock speed on its processors making it sure to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, phones around.

One of the things that wowed the first people to get their hands on the demonstration models of the S II was how thin it is, beating the iPhone 4 with a body that is 8.5mm deep at its thickest point, making the device feel advanced and refined in the hand. It will be interesting to see how the iPhone 5 compares when it arrives. The S II is slightly larger than its predecessor at 125.3mm by 66.1mm for its height and width, mainly due to its larger 4.3 inch screen. It weighs fractionally less at 116g. Visually it is extremely similar to the original Galaxy S with a black, shiny and teflon-coated exterior sporting three physical buttons below the touchscreen for menu, home and back. The camera is now centrally placed in the back rather than to the side and it has a lock button, volume rocker and 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Galaxy S II will be available with two different processors depending on the region, though Samsung have not revealed which regions will get which processor with models sporting either Samsung’s own Xynos core or the Nvidia Tegra 2, both are similarly specced ARM dual core processors running at an impressive 1.2 GHz. These are backed up by a Mali-400MP graphics processor, 1 GB of RAM, which blows away most of the competing top smart phones, many of which still have 512 MB of RAM. This will make running apps far smoother as there will usually be plenty of free memory for them to load in to and more apps will be able to remain in memory so not require a pause to load when used. It also represents the beginning of smart phones knocking on the door of netbook and then laptop specifications, which will surely result in their replacing other machines for many user’s processing needs, perhaps augmented by peripherals such as wireless keyboards and large displays when used in the home. It also comes in two different storage versions, one with 16 GB and the other with 32 GB of onboard storage and both with a microSD slot allowing the addition of up to a further 32 GB, though it does not support future SDXC format.

The screen is a subtle upgrade over the Galaxy S, it is obviously larger at 4.3 inches but the seemingly same 800 by 480 resolution doesn’t tell the full story, the Galaxy S screen was what is known as Pentile where red and green subpixel sets share a central green subpixel. The Galaxy S II has a full three sub-pixels per pixel and the new SuperAMOLED Plus technology is supposed to reduce power consumption and therefore increase battery life.

Expect a slew of mobile devices, notebook computers as well as desktop computers to arrive along with the S II in late April.

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