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Designing New HTNet Look

I’ve been giving WP theming a whirl this past few days. This is mainly because I so much want to create my own WP theme from scratch. I basically have a draft layout for the front page ready, and I’m just considering how I would like my single entry page look like. I doubt that it will be too different from the front page layout that I’ve already completed.

Basically, I’ve gotten my HTML templates ready. So the designing part is almost 100% complete. All that’s left in this phase is integrating the standard CSS entries that WP uses, and noting where it’s being used. I’m also going to comment my CSS extensively so that it will benefit whoever is planning to modify the theme if I ever release it.

Once I’ve sorted this out, all that’s left is to design a site logo for HTNet. Perhaps I should create a contest of some sort where visitors can submit their designs. The thing is, I don’t really know what sort of “prize” I can offer. Maybe when I’m happy with the theme I can put more thoughts in this logo thingy.

Watch this space.

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