Shareholders Gives Green Light for Macromedia & Adobe Merger

Adobe and Macromedia now have the shareholder votes necessary to complete their proposed US$3.4 billion merger.

This CRN article has interesting observations and predictions on the fates and destinies of some applications in the merged company. A very interesting read.

More information available on Adobe’s press release on the approval.

2 responses to “Shareholders Gives Green Light for Macromedia & Adobe Merger”.

  1. Wuching of the Whills Says:

    Thanx Azmeen for your kind wish…

  2. Lainie Says:

    Hmm…On one end, better compatability…

    On the other end, which program are they going to drop in favour of the other? Or will they two in one?

    and if they’re not competing against each other……Hopefully they’ll still keep upping their standards.