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Liquids Handling and Storage Solutions for the Industry

Chemical laboratory at NIBR in Shanghai, China

Image Credit: Novartis AG

Every day, we came into contact with liquids throughout our lives. From water, to toothpaste, soap; we literally we came into contact with gallons of miscellaneous liquids daily. It is so routine that we don’t even think about it at all.

If we did however, we will definitely appreciate the technological advances that has made it so manageable. Managing, storing and dispensing liquid materials in an exciting science discipline by its own virtue. It is also an important business in virtually all areas of manufacturing. One company that is making headlines in this industry is IPSCOT.

IPSCOT distributes specialized chemical dispensers, potting compounds, sealants and various reactive materials. IPSCOT is an established player in the industry that has been in business since 1983. IPSCOT has the track record and a list of esteemed clients that has become the envy of many competitors.

As a trusted source of equipment for the handling of materials such as liquid epoxy, cyanoacrylate or even acrylics; IPSCOT has contributed towards a safer, efficient and cost-effective environment for numerous labs and manufacturing facilities locally, regionally and worldwide.

In manufacturing, every second either earns or loses you money. Therefore, having the right tools for the job provides you with the opportunity to have a good pay day instead of absorbing a loss. In addition to having a skilled workforce, well-maintained machinery and a safe work environment, it is important to also pay attention to the small things such as components and peripheral devices. For example, a water syringe might be just a small part in your machinery, however should it be faulty or defective, it could easily ruin the entire production run.

Therefore, it is vital to operate using the best machinery, materials, and expertise possible. By engaging IPSCOT, you’re taking a positive step in ensuring long term productivity and profitability.