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Xfce 4.2.1 Released

My favourite DE, Xfce has a new point release, in fact, it’s the first point release of the 4.2 series. Downloads are available here.

I can’t find the damn changelog for this release, if anybody has an idea where it is, please drop a comment.

For those you who can’t find a binary package for your own distro (or *nix-like OS), but have neither time nor patience to compile Xfce from sources, you should check out the graphical installers from the guys at They work great! I know, I use them myself :).

Update: Xfce has been released quickly after 4.2.1. It includes a fix for a bad bug where panel loses its configuration when saving the session in 4.2.1. Found the changelog for 4.2.1 here.