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Power Supply Continuity and Reliability for the Industry

Photo Credit: daveknapik

Throughout the years data exchange through computing systems has become more and more important. Twenty years ago, the only people who would care if servers are down are those who worked in research facilities or some government computing department. Fast forward to the present, helpdesk agents would be inundated with complaints the very minute your services went offline.

However, some things never change. Even as we chase to replace our energy sources from non-renewable to renewable, our medical monitoring devices and life support systems still consume electricity. That makes the age old problem of power outages a relevant issue even to this very day.

That is why the use of Uninterruptable Power Supply units are becoming more and more prevalent over the years. Considering how enormously important our health care industry have become, it is vital that the infrastructure that are facilitating this process are backed up by a solid continuous power solution such as a medical grade UPS.

When choosing a UPS solution to fit your needs, it is vital that you clearly identify your requirements first and foremost. How long of a backup time do you need? Do you need voltage regulation? Is a frequency regulator function required? Once you have an understanding of what you need from your UPS solution, it will make your search for the ideal product less of a hassle.

There are numerous UPS vendors on the market, some are better known than others. One brand that is worth considering is POWERVAR. They have been in the business since the mid 80s and have been recognised as a power conditioning innovators in their own right. Their expertise in the area of power conditioning and management is illustrated in POWEVAR’s diverse product line.

POWERVAR provides UPS solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as high end systems that are servicing reknowned medical and telco facilities worldwide. In addition to that, POWERVAR has been ISO certified since 2002.

So if you haven’t heard about POWERVAR before, you now know that they aren’t new kids on the power conditioning block. They have are an established brand and have been producing high quality products for the market. POWERVAR is definitely worth considering for your UPS requirements.