Today, it is arguably more important for your business to have an online presence rather than a typical brick and mortar establishment as in the past. Think about it, online retail sales have seen significant year on year growth for over a decade. And although the percentage of corporate budget allocation in IT (especially server, data center and IT personnel costs) has been growing as well, it is significantly less than what a traditional business would spend on leasing retail space, renovation and maintenance costs. Therefore it is obvious that investment in online business establishment provides more bang for the buck.

That said, it is no wonder that an online marketing and advertising agency like Globe Runner SEO is worth having on your side. With a reasonable fee, you can have peace of mind knowing that a team of industry experts are working all out to ensure that your online business presence is generating sales instead of just being a sunk cost pool.

When it comes to all things online, the most important thing is to get visitors. The more visitors you have to your web site, the larger the pool of audience you’ll have. And the more audience you have, the more potential customers you’ll obtain. It is a numbers game no matter how you look at it.

However, if you just wait for the visitors to come in, chances are you’ll probably be waiting for a very, very long time before you’ll see decent results. The more web-savvy businesses would be looking at pay-per-click advertising (like Google AdWords, for example) to significantly boost the number of visitors to their web sites, and eventually convert a percentage of these visits to actual sales.

The thing is, researching and bidding on suitable keywords for your web site (and ultimately the products or services being sold there) is a complicated science and art in itself. That is why most AdWords campaign that are created by the business owners themselves rarely give significant results. A better alternative would be outsourcing this role to an AdWords consultancy provider like Globe Runner SEO.

Globe Runner SEO is a certified Google AdWords Partner, which means that these guys actually know what they’re doing! You can rest assured knowing that every aspect from your campaign from keyword research, bidding, targetting and testing, among others, are being ran by very capable hands.

Since a few years ago, another online trend that has been making headlines (and more importantly; money) is the convergence of social networking and ecommerce. The idea behind it is simple; people tend to trust brands and products that their friends are using. See it as the word of mouth marketing of yesteryear brought into the 21st century. This is one reason why ecommerce social media marketing is fast becoming a hallmark of Globe Runner SEO. They have integrated solutions that opened new avenues of revenue for numerous companies in this area.

I thank you for reading this article and hopefully I have convinced you on the importance of having a solid online presence and marketing partner for your business. Globe Runner SEO is in my opinion a worthy organisation that can tremendously assist you in this area. Do check out their range of services, you’re bound to find one that will benefit your bottom line.

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