Protecting Your Tablet from Viruses

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Rapidly growing sales of tablet PCs and Samsung Galaxy S3 in Poland – this year, 300000 new devices of this type could hit our market. Not surprisingly, there are also safety packages for tablets.

Step 1: Download the package

Pull out of the box Norton Security Tablet license key and go to the product specified on the card to download the application. TIP: You can also test the product by downloading Norton Security Tablet Play straight from Google.

Step 2: Install the application

Install and then run the Norton security suite, pressing the Agree and Launch.

Step 3: Activate the product

Activate the package you purchased, enter the code shown on the previously removed from the card.

Step 4: Start scanning

Go to the Anti-Malware to take advantage of the safe scan the tablet for worms. Security Tablet also features Scheduled Scan that scans automatically daily, weekly, or monthly. Select the Scan button to start scanning. TIP: You can also scan the SD card. Just select the Scan SD Card and start the scan again with the application.

Step 5: Scan every day

Leave the automatic scan every day and enjoy the security on your phone.

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