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Maxis Mobile Network Failure in Johor Bahru

It’s been a very frustrating day for me so far. This is mainly due to my mobile operator network being down for the whole day so far. I’m using the Hotlink prepaid service provided by Maxis.

What added to the frustration is that on both web sites, there was no information on the disruption at all. No details, no apologies, just loads of Flashy ads and graphics. Very typical of large Malaysian companies. They mainly use the Internet (their web sites especially) as a near infinite billboard where their advertisements are broken up into pages.

What’s supposed to be an excellent communication tool is only used for marketing purposes and almost nothing else. Whatever happened to using the Internet to relay useful information? Clearly Maxis and most commercial organisations have failed to use the Internet to the fullest.

It’s because of issues like this that the tech circle are usually reluctant on unleashing their pet projects on to the public. There has been way too many instances where corporations disfigure their creations into commercial monsters.

Is anyone else having this problem? Especially those outside Johor Bahru.

3 responses to “Maxis Mobile Network Failure in Johor Bahru”.

  1. Lainie Says:

    Didn’t even notice maxis was down. They ALWAYS sms me that stupid KFC Pizza hut thank you for reloading here’s a coupon you’ll never use – while I’m driving.

    Why? Because I top up my phone, walk around the mall, and when it’s time to drive home, enough time has passed that it’s just right for them to distract me.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Probably there was no outages at your place.

    The bloody network was down from at least 7:30am up to 3:00pm yesterday. Being so close to Singapore, my phone auto-roamed to SingTel.

    And even to this moment, there has been no apologies in the form of SMS, email or any announcement on Maxis’ web site. Hell, people can die or get into all sorts of trouble and have no way to communicate with others.

    And before you suggest that “don’t blow it over proportions, there are public phones”, I’d say that you’re obviously not Malaysian… Our public phones suck.

  3. nicole Says:

    i am just wondering, why i am having hard time contacting malaysia 00601… always, one ring and disconnected. any reason for that? is it true that the pre paid lines need to be registered before i can contact the line.