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Better Broadband For Malaysians

Now why the hell didn’t I see this petition earlier! But better late than never… thanks to Chan Siau Liang for pointing it out in his blog.

Basically, all IT-aware Malaysians know that the reason why we got shitty broadband coverage in Malaysia is primarily because of TMNet‘s virtual monopoly of the market. Yeah, yeah… there are other pseudo-ISPs such as Jaring, TIMENet and Maxis… but none of them really offers nationwide broadband coverage.

So basically, they’re screwed… because in more than 90% of cases, only TMNet’s Streamyx ADSL service is the only choice that Malaysians can pick when choosing a broadband plan.

Why is this so bad? Well, some people have service related issues with them. As for me, I rarely have service issues with Streamyx… probably one slow night every 4-6 months or so. But I do have a huge problem with their service coverage in “new” commercial/residential areas in Johor Bahru.

God damn it TMNet, fibre optics are not a god damn excuse to deprive residents of decent ADSL service. For shit’s sake, DSLAM units are not really expensive… especially for GLCs like you!

Another issue that I have with regards to Streamyx is that, TMNet seems to employ thieving, lying bastards as sales-reps for the service in Johor Bahru. I had one of these bastards coming in my office offering Streamyx when I know for a god damn fact that it’s not available in my unit. The bastard even convinced me that the reason my self tests failed is because of the Centrex service I subscribed from Telekom (TMNet’s parent company, the monopoly telephone fixed line provider in Malaysia) cocking up the test.

I can’t believe with the number of years of experience I had in IT and technology in general, I fell for that bloody con! Till this day, I curse the day I met that bastard. Anyway, for those who didn’t get the gist of the story: Streamyx availability does not depend on your usage of Centrex or other PABX-like services.

I cancelled the Centrex service for the lines (not one but TWO, one in the HQ and another in our Pulai Utama branch) which I wanted to use for Streamyx. The bastard told me that their techie will come to our premises within a week to deliver the modem (technically it really is a router, but I guess none of you gives a flying shit) and do the installation. After a week, nobody came, so I called the bastard and he assured me the application is “being processed” (another tell-tale sign when you’re about to be conned by a sales drone).

Because I have lots of other important things requiring my attention, I just let this thing sit… probably because it already dawned on me by then that I got conned by the bastard. And sure enough, the typical “sorry, no Streamyx for you… but you’re now on our fsckin’ waiting list” letter arrived.

Bloody bastard… but anyway, the moral of the story is: TMNet will work harder if it wasn’t a god damn fscking monopoly with no taxpayer money tit to suck on. So, help your fellow Malaysians: sign the damn petition! The future of Malaysian broadband penetration depends on you!

10 responses to “Better Broadband For Malaysians”.

  1. andy Says:

    If you need support for broadband implementation in JB. You have me and my brother. It’s about time these guys sit up and do something to technologise johoreans. Every nock and cranny corner of our neighbour have broadband AND almost everywhere wireless. You can even email from the toilet, no shit. Makes us so IT un-savvy already when we can only chug on 56k.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Where do I get quotations and rollout plans? I need something that’s cross-platform; specifically supported on Linux as well as Windows.

    If the speed, pricing and payment terms are attractive enough, I might be able to work out something with my directors.

  3. Andrew Paul Says:


    I’m new to broadband services in Malaysia.
    I’m residing in JB. I ‘m currently using TMnet services at a very slow speed of 56KPS.
    I like to know how do you apply for
    1) Broadband services in JB?
    2) What type of broadband services are available?
    3) How much is it for home users?
    4) To whom can you direct this email if you are not the intended recipient?

    Andrew Paul

  4. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Which part of JB you’re staying in?

    If your area is serviceable by Streamyx (ADSL service provided by TMNet), then you should have no problems getting it up and running.

    You can view pricing details here, and register online. However, I’d recommend that you go to TMNet’s Clickers shops at Plaza Pelangi or TMNet HQ in Taman Sentosa.

    TMNet has excellent track record in NOT following up on their online enquiries (in my humble opinion).

  5. Ken Says:

    I’m all for the writer above. TM NUT really SUX. They think we are all stupid and dumb in techie stuff. As a matter of FACT, we are the real GENIUS behind the scene. Talking about the Installer Man? They are REAL DUMBS! Management team in TM NUT is even worse. They just work 9 till 5 without giving a DAMN to the complaints and petitions! Complain to main print media? FORGET ABOUT IT! They just filter out all the TRUTHS and publish out the nonsense! Thus the so called FIRST WORLD state but THIRD WORLD environment in government and GLCs services like TM NUT!

    Computer Science Undergrad.

  6. TMNut Says:

    I totally agree. To make a long story shot, TMNUT=SUCKS LEVEL 10

  7. Lionel(anti-streamyx) Says:

    I finally meet some brothers of mine…. TMNET SUCKS… I applied 3 years ago and still no goddamn reply…. they say my house is out of reach but all my neighbours hav the freaking streamyx…. If there is any private investor interested in becoming our BSP(broadband service provider)… Ill be the first to reach your doorstep…

  8. Ayumi Says:

    Why do Singaporeans get to surf at 5mbps for jus less than 50 bucks…
    I heard Green Pocket is starting a broadband service in M’sia… Headed by ex TM CEO Michael Lai…. Hope to see some better service

  9. james kingsted - Domain Inform Says:

    I guess that means that we will be getting more traffic from their! the world is getting smaller! well I welcome them! best of luck!

  10. WDE Says:


    I hope this will help.

    “Effective Method to Communicate with TMNET – Streamyx” – information provided by (Registration is simple and needed as we would like to keep track who access to the information so that we may show the relevant government agencies the solid prove of majority is not satisfied with TMNET’s services and currently having repeating issues with their services)

    We had been communicating the issues face by our friends and customers with TMNET up to various management levels, from their VAQs (call center) to TM’s Broadband Management Center (BMC) and even with their own engineers.

    All issues lie within the management control and not the tech or engineer can do. We call it as an “economic” concerns. Hence, we put up a more effective communication method with TMNET and the relevant government agencies to sort of like pressing TMNET via the authorities harder to take appropriate action to at least improve the service and fulfill the “Best Effort Policy”. TMNET project a picture that they’re using the “Best Effort Policy” as a shield whenever we drill into the root cause of the issues.

    We hope with proper communication channel with the relevant government agencies (if you highlight the issues, no matter how many N times to Streamyx, the government agencies will not have any idea about it most of the time) and let the authority to carry out their responsibilities to work things out with TMNET.

    Please pass and spread the information.

    Thanks a lot guys.