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Sickening Squattergate Issue

Yeah, yeah… By now, every Malaysian and their cats/dogs/guinea pigs would have heard about Malaysia’s Squattergate issue. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such tremendous activity on one issue in the Malaysian blogosphere.

Everyone has opinions on this issue, and many bloggers make their opinions heard. What I find funny is that at the same time of posting whatever criticisms they had for the Malaysian government, many moan and groan that human rights in Malaysia is non-existant, racism is rife, and tons of other bullshit.

While China and Chinese tourists are seen as the “victims” in this particular issue, and rightfully so might I add, please don’t forget that at least in Malaysia, we’re guaranteed uncensored internet access. I doubt we can say the same for the poor citizens of China.

Just be thankful that you can write, even however irresponsibly, one-sided, shallow or plain stupid things on your blog, and it won’t “suddenly” get clamped down, like they often do in China (suprise, suprise!).

Just reflect on this for a while, if something similar were to happen to a Malaysian in China, do you think it will get as wide an exposure as this “Squattergate” issue is getting? Would it even get out at all? Are you sure it hasn’t happened?

And sections in the Chinese media call this issue worse than Abu Ghraib. Well, sure, our cops cocked up big time in this issue, but hey, at least we didn’t kill, let alone torture thousands of Tibetans.

Talk about the black hole calling the kettle black.

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