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Excellent One Stop English Literature Web Site

We’re often flooded with hundreds of thousands of web sites showcasing user-submitted writings. I’m a self-proclaimed fan of English literature. I’m not only referring to the English language, but specifically literature about English culture, both classical as well as modern.

But time and time again I find myself coming back to, which I feel reflects UK writing better than any other English literature web sites out there. What I especially like about UKAuthors is that the writings are “current” and deliciously raw. It doesn’t have the editorial aftertastes of the more mainstream English literature sites.

With interesting subjects from cybersex to hooliganism, there’s bound to be something up your literary alley. Nice widgets, such as the ability to listen to audio narrations of selected writings (in MP3 format) adds to the experience.

My only gripe with UKAuthors is the user interface. It’s a little overwhelming to navigate yourself in the vast maze of content available within the site. From the URL structure (and the GENERATOR meta tag), it’s clear that one of the reasons for this is due to the site engine itself, PHPNuke. I’ve developed for PHPNuke before, and must say that UKAuthors will sooner, rather than later, need to find a more dynamic CMS to fuel its growth.

UKAuthors is one of my daily “must visit” web sites. Make it yours as well… you definitely won’t regret it.

3 responses to “Excellent One Stop English Literature Web Site”.

  1. xpyre Says:

    You might be interested in this site too if you haven’t found it:

  2. Neil Marr Says:

    UKAuthors is an excellent site. Another, subtly different — in that all posted work is the result of a team effort between a developing author and a member of a volunteer editorial team — is Worth a visit. There are forums on the site, too — perhaps a little more focused than UKA’s and including several writing challenges as constructive exercise — and the aim is to get members into print, either as sole authors of novels or as co-authors of short story and poetry anthologies. Needless to say, because we are so similar and yet so different, BeWrite and UKA are very close and, in a very friendly atmosphere of cooperation, share ideas and membership. Cheers. Neil

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I do read east of the web quite often. I kinda love the layout as well. Very pleasing on the eyes.


    Layout and content wise, BeWrite and UKA are virtually twins. Both use PHPNuke and have similar categories. Like you said, the core differences are “under the hood”… I guess I have to visit more often then 🙂

    Thanks to both of you for sharing your links.