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Pictures of Hutan Bandar

Hutan Bandar is one of the rare places of green tranquility in Johor Bahru. It spans over 32 hectares and is maintained by MBJB (Johor Bahru City Council). Translated to English, Hutan Bandar means “City Forest”. In the deeper parts of Hutan Bandar, you would literally feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle of JB. It’s a really strange, yet calming feeling to have, especially over the weekend after a full week of corporate battles and mental drain.

Some of the facilities available at Hutan Bandar are:

  • Lots of lush green flora.
  • Seven scenic lakes.
  • Children’s playgrounds.
  • Jungle Trek.
  • Exercise facilities.
  • Camping site.
  • Children’s swimming pool.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken during my last visit to Hutan Bandar.

Japanese Style Bridge
A Japanese style bridge leading to the main pathway of Hutan Bandar.

View of Hutan Bandar
View of the lush greenery near the biggest lake in Hutan Bandar.

Water Spitting Stone Dolphins
Stone dolphins spouting water at the children’s pool.

Pathway to Playground and Jungle Trek
Paved pathway to the playground and jungle trek.

Full size images are available upon request.

All pics shot with my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX5 digital camera.

6 responses to “Pictures of Hutan Bandar”.

  1. benjamin and yus Says:

    i didnt know that the hutan bandar could really look so nice from your eyes . .

    i merely knew it as a place to makan only since it was opposite from SSI . . .

  2. baharuddin Says:

    The Hutan Bandar is just near the customs quarters. In front of it is the place where you can makan and minum.People go there in the morning just to take breakfast after jogging.

    My wife and I sometimes ago went there.

  3. Hafiz Says:

    my old house is at the custom quarters. when i was a kid, i always follow my big brother to Hutan Bandar and go for fishing. Hutan Bandar used to have nothing inside and it’s not beautiful at all. but, i agreed, that Hutan Bandar has changed a lot. now, it’s so beautiful and very suitable for picnic with family on the evening. sadly, the orchid garden which contain thousands of beautiful and colourful orchids does not attract a lot of people. the facilities inside the park is dusty and there was no one inside that i can see except some monitor lizards. other than that this place is very beautiful in overroll perspective and a very good place to go for exercising and recreational.

  4. Bharath Says:

    Am I know how far from Senai airport to Hutan bandar and what is the root recommended to use.


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  6. Daud Sandalayuk Says:

    i like see forest ,many tree and combination swimming, ecotorism forest….