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Does HTNet Crash Your Firefox 1.5?

OK, here’s the deal. I’m using:

  • Firefox 1.5
  • Roughly around 5 plugins
  • The default Firefox theme
  • Slackware Linux (Kernel 2.6.14)
  • XFce

The thing is that my whole computer will hang randomly, but it’s always when I’m using Firefox and browsing HTNet. I’m pretty sure that it’s Firefox on Linux as I have no such problems using FF on Windows, nor any other browser on Linux.

And it’s a hard hang, meaning I can’t escape X and get back to the command prompt. I can only move my mouse, but unable to click anything… and the keyboard totally dies. The only solution is a manual restart.

Anyone has the same problems? Or better still, got solutions? Thanks.

7 responses to “Does HTNet Crash Your Firefox 1.5?”.

  1. suanie Says:

    er no works fine for meh.. but i’m on windows xp

  2. boringest Says:

    looks ok…i find FF1.5 having lotsa problems with plugins, are any of your plugins nightly builds?

    Or disable all plugins and try again?

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I’ve just downloaded and compiled kernel 2.6.15 with the -mm patches (I need it for one of my reiser4 partition), maybe it’s kernel related… I’m not really sure.

    Another interesting thing happened last night. I was listening to streaming audio when the hangup occured again. Again, my whole desktop was rendered unusable when I was browsing through the pages on HTNet. Keyboard was not functioning, but my mouse can still be moved around although I can’t click on anything. The clock and netload widget on my Xfce panel stalled as well.

    The funny thing is, the streaming audio I was listening to still played fine. Hmm…

    Probably this has more to do with my DE rather than FF or my kernel. I’ll keep updating this page with my progress in getting this problem fixed.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  4. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Post the issue on a Linux site. (You probably already have) … but I agree with Boringest, I had a bit or trouble with FireFox when I had a heap of plug ins added to it. (So I now run with a minimal of plug-ins).

    If it only hangs on HTNet, I wonder if it has something to do with some code hidden in the site too. Though you don’t seem to be running anything excessive on the site … might be one misplaces dash or something.
    [How often have C programmers had problems because of one misplaced semi-colon etc] But, I’m just guessing.

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    I doubt that it’s the HTML. My codes are 100% XHTML Strict compliant. Although it could be the embedded AdSense javascript, but I find that highly unlikely.

    I’ve narrowed it down to Xfce, FF for Linux or my kernel settings.

  6. FaeLLe Says:

    Well FireFox 1.5 as of now i tend not to use as it is being a major memory hog.

    Im still sticking to the previous version for now.

  7. HTNet Says:

    Fixed Crashing Firefox Issue

    This is relating to my previous post, Does HTNet Crash Your Firefox 1.5?… I found out that the problem wasn’t related to any of the things I listed in that post. The real culprit is: NVidia Linux Graphics Driver.
    As soon as I updated from…