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What Animal Are You?

I took the Animal in You personality test, and the results show that I’m either a baboon, penguin or a beaver.

Hmm… way too many matches for my liking. However, having said that and after reading the descriptions of the animals, I feel that the results are somewhat accurate in a weird sense. I feel I totally match the first paragraph of the baboon’s description, the second paragraph of the penguin’s description and the last paragraph of the beaver’s description.

Maybe I’m a baguinver 😛 What’s your results?

3 responses to “What Animal Are You?”.

  1. suanie Says:

    i am either a porcupine or a snake

  2. Paul Tan Says:


  3. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I’d say you are a Linux Penguin! 🙂

    I was an OWL, Prairie Dog or Beaver.