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Cookie Monster Turns Into Fruity Monster?

I saw the picture of one of my beloved childhood heroes, Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster eating a Photoshopped apple!

Well, it seems that Sesame Street is running a campaign called Healthy Habits for Life, where one of the key issues is the importance of a balanced diet. However, the seemingly sudden change of diet by Cookie Monster is quite bizarre. This takes into consideration that his diet for the past 30 years or so has almost solely been cookies (with the occasional plates, eating utensils, and telephones thrown in for good measure)… and now suddenly he’s into fruits?

This change of diet has been met with mixed feelings by kids, parents and the media. Why must childhood innocence be dragged into battles of political correctness… For God’s sake, let children be children.

2 responses to “Cookie Monster Turns Into Fruity Monster?”.

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  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    Hey cookie monster is my friend too! How could they brainwashed him into eating fruits??
    I think cookie monster is also subjected to bosses decision..kesian dia.