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Who is Elie Youssef Najem?

The first time I saw the name was through this article from The Star. Wow! Such a generous person! Just over RM 1 billion for the establishment of a cancer research centre and hospital. Makna (Malaysia’s National Cancer Council) must have been delighted when the offer was made. And all the good doctor wanted in return was for the centre to have the following ridiculously long name: The Farinnie Elie and Makna’s Children Cancer Treatment and Research Centre and Hospital.

Even in acronyms this would be a massive eight lettered deal: FEMCCTRC. Well anyway, I tried to Google this guy out… and to my suprise it yielded zero results. Furthermore, I read this article which shows how proud he is of his riches, something very rare for high profile Muslim multi-millionaires. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you! I’d (probably) pimp my blings all the time if I’m damn rich… but it’s just fishy. There’s something not quite right about this Dr. Elie Youssef Najem guy.

Today, this article was published in The Star. Hmm, but still, someone who’s that rich surely couldn’t escape Google’s tentacles in one way or another. But hey, I guess I’ll benefit from his name (via the search engines specifically) by being among the first to blog about him 😛

I can’t wait to see how this saga unfolds.

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  1. Momo Says:

    He is a Christian who reverted to Islam (After marrying Muslim Malaysian wife)as revealed in the News Straits Times yesterday.


    I Believe Elie Youssef Najem , Is nothing but a Big Liar. Be careful with a crazy people like this.

  3. Moose Says:

    He’s not “crazy”. He’s probably suffering from manic depression, something that may have been caused by his multiple scleroses and brain tumour (if what the paper reported is true). He is probably in his manic state, causing him to have delusions of grandeur, denial of that he’s ever wrong. HE probably has some savings and money, but having to be in a Manic state, it’s a sad sad thing because the moment they come out of it, they’ll go into a deep depression state, and realising that he just spent all his moeny and got into all these trouble. Poor guy. Someone please save him from all this and just put him safely in peace to the hands of a psychiatrist. For the public, if you don’t know what it is, please educate yourself before judging others. You may be suffering from many types of psychological problems which you don’t even know it!

  4. Chris Fletcher Says:

    I am told he is also wanted in Cyprus for fraud, has any one bothered to speak with Interpol to see if he is on their wanted list?

  5. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I did an Interpol search on him but couldn’t find any additional information.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. LogicThinker Says:

    From day one I knew he was fraud. But I think he was sent By God himself to teach Malaysians a lesson about greed. Im glad he managed to take the whole nation for a ride for approximately 1 week. It shows how weak-minded and gullible our people are. If he were in America he would have been discovered as a fraud whithin 1 day. congratulations Malaysia, for being taken for a ride. You deserve to learn from this messenger of God how foolish & greedy you are.

  7. imad Says:

    hey,i read about MR najem today.I am a lebanese man i came to sweden from 6 monthes,and i have this dream to be a big rich lebanese man to help lebanon as this man doing…i wish from MR najem or anyone who know his adress or his phone number to send me it to my email

  8. John Says:

    In an interview today, he said je wanted to visit the holy sites of Saint Charbel,Saint Rebecca and Saint Nimatullah, the three Lebanese saints. He is a scam and a fraud even about his relegion.

  9. oussef najem Says:

    ‘Billionaire’ makes unlikely $15 billion aid offer

  10. JAY FARES Says:

    Who is Elie Youssef Najem ?
    A love nest nonetheless

    KUALA LUMPUR: Billionaire or not, Elie Youssef Najem has a love nest for himself and his wife.

    The apartment, which he claimed to pay RM10,000 monthly, seemed like a nice place to live in, if well kept.

    The most “luxurious” place in the apartment, which also had a mini-office, was undoubtedly the master bedroom.

    A BIT MESSY: The master bedroom and the attached bathroom (below) need some tidying up.

    With a king-sized bed, sofa, air-conditioning, TV and DVD player, it was indeed a snug place for him and his 19-year-old wife to retire to if they got tired of watching the stacks of DVDs in the living room.

    The 27th floor apartment has a superb view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. However, the place is definitely in need of some top-to-bottom cleaning-up.

    Clothes were strewn about on the floor, ashtrays were filled to the brim and the dustbins were overflowing.

    Taking The Star on a tour of his apartment yesterday, Najem apologised for the mess, saying that the house was being fitted with a state-of-the-art security system worth almost RM200,000.

    “Everything is in chaos now due to the renovations,” he said.

    Najem blames woes on police

    KUALA LUMPUR: As more fresh allegations surfaced against Lebanese businessman Elie Youssef Najem, the self-professed billionaire showed up at the Lebanese Embassy to complain against the police here.

    The 45-year-old man, who claims to be a lord and a prince, continued to claim that he was a “victim of trumped-up charges” and blamed the Malaysian police for it.

    ANGRY: Najem who walks with the aid of crutches leaving the Lebanese Embassy yesterday.
    Speaking to reporters who waited outside the embassy gates, he announced loudly that he would lodge “international reports” against the police.

    The embassy refused to respond to press enquiries as to what transpired during the two-hour meeting.

    Insisting he was not a fraud, Najem, who walks with the aid of crutches, was accompanied by his 19-year-old wife Farinnie Mohd Farid. He then left the embassy in a taxi.

    Najem claimed to have 95 companies registered in Malaysia.

    But a search done with the Companies Commission of Malaysia revealed he was involved in only two companies, namely Trident Pillar Sdn Bhd and Cash Discovery Network (M) Sdn Bhd.

    Later in an interview with The Star at his home, Najem claimed that he was beginning to re-consider his pledge to donate RM1.04bil to Makna in the light of all the unwanted attention.

    “If this harassment continues, then I’m sorry,” he added.

    He denied all allegations of cheating, claiming that complaints of him issuing bad cheques were all lies. He said that while he was in police custody, some of his employees had issued cheques on his behalf and withdrew all the money he had in the bank.

    Najem also denied rumours that he owned a phone sex company in Canada.

    “First of all, there’s freedom of speech in Canada, and secondly, I never ever owned such a company.”

    Najem admitted that he had previously been investigated on a charge of sexually molesting a former employee, but said the charge was later dropped.

    When asked why there were no Internet records of himself or the companies he purportedly owned, Najem said his website was in the midst of being constructed, but that he needed to get his servers up and running first.

    When asked to show proof of his supposed wealth, he refused.

    “I am more than a billionaire,” said the man who claimed to be worth US$46.5bil (RM174.3bil).

    “But I want to lead a simple life. Before I die, I would like to get rid of all my money.

    “The money is ready, it’s all up to Datuk Farid (Ariffin),” he said.

    When asked why the Lebanese Embassy had not heard of him despite him being a lord, Najem dismissed the matter with a wave of his hand.”Why should they know me? Who is the ambassador? He’s just a civil servant!”

    More complaints against ‘billionaire’ Najem

    KUALA LUMPUR: He says it with flowers but never pays for them, apparently.

    Billionaire Lebanese Elie Youssef Najem has been accused of ordering flowers worth at least RM5,000 between September and October last year but did not settle the bill.

    It seems that he had ordered bouquets for his office and wedding from

    Managing director Martin Cheah said: “Najem had ordered flowers for his wedding worth RM3,298at his office in Megan Avenue.”

    “Prior to that, he had also placed orders for bouquets on several occasions amounting to RM1,840. When we sent him an invoice for RM5,138, he issued a cheque for partial payment but the cheque later bounced.

    “We no longer accept any orders from Najem as he still owes us RM5,138,” he said when contacted by The Star.

    Businessman Tan Sim Chai said he had lost RM400,000 in cash and office equipment which he had supplied to Najem in September last year .

    “To convince me that he was a legitimate billionaire, he produced a Barclays Bank’s statement saying that he had more than US$526mil (RM1.9mil) in his account.”

    He said Najem told him that he would settle the sum within 30 days as his courier was bringing the funds into the country the following day.

    When the money did not arrive, Tan lodged a police report on Sept 21.

    A licensed money lender John Sing, 30, claimed that Najem had borrowed RM176,000 from him.

    “He said he was a prince and introduced himself to me as Lord Elie. I lent him the money after he showed me his overseas bank statement,” he said.

    Sing discovered eventually there were other “lenders” like him, when he saw them waiting at Najem’s office to get their money back.

    Tan and Sing spoke of their predicament at a press conference held by MCA Public Services and Complaint Department head Datuk Michael Chong yesterday.

    One real estate agent called The Star, alleging that Najem had failed to pay RM28,000 in office rental for four months and that he threatened to make her “disappear” if she continued to harass him for payment.

    Others faxed police reports and copies of dishonoured cheques purportedly issued by Najem.

    Wife: No matter what they say, we are inseparable

    KUALA LUMPUR: The waif-like young wife of Lebanese businessman Elie Youssef Najem has pledged eternal love for her embattled husband.

    “No matter what they say, when it comes to love, two hearts are inseparable. No matter what they say, when it comes to love, nothing is impossible.”

    SO IN LOVE: Najem hugging Farinnie at their home in Kuala Lumpur during the interview yesterday. — STARpix by LOW BOON TAT
    That was a poem penned by 19-year-old Farinnie Farid in response to talk suggesting that she was “sold” by her family to Najem, 45, and that she was a gold digger out to ensnare the wealthy businessman.

    “Kurang ajar punya orang! How dare they say such things!” said Farinnie, who is three months’ pregnant.

    She wrote the poem on a piece of paper, giggling when she could not spell “inseparable” correctly.

    In an interview yesterday, she said the negative publicity about her husband was very frustrating.

    Farinnie, the fourth child in a family of five, recounted meeting the enigmatic Lebanese for the first time at a dinner early last year.

    “There was just something about him,” she said.

    “It was just a crush at first, but when I saw the way he handled all the things he went through – like the kidnappings and the attempts on his life, I began to fall in love with him.”

    Farinnie said that they tied the knot six months ago, but declined to talk further about the marriage.

    She said she used to study business in a college here but dropped out because she had lost interest.

    “I was living with my parents at our Pandan Jaya apartment before meeting, and then marrying, Najem.”

    But her marriage, so far, has been no bed of roses.

    “I couldn’t even go on a honeymoon, as my husband’s passport had been taken away by the police,” said Farinnie, who wore a maroon baju kurung with no make-up or jewellery.

    When asked why she had no fine jewellery, she made a face.

    “I like to remain simple,” she said, adding that her only possessions were a few nice watches, including a Rolex and teddy bears.

    “I don’t have the desire for lots of jewellery or other expensive things. He wants to buy me all the fancy stuff, but I just don’t want them.”

    Asked about her home life, she burst out laughing.

    “I can cook, but they are not the types of dishes that he likes, so most of the times he does the cooking instead.

    “His specialities are spaghetti and stews,” she said, grinning.

    Farinnie turned pensive when asked about her husband who had said he was suffering from cancer.

    “I just want to be with him to the fullest while I still can,” she said.

  11. Firas Says:

    hello everyone, i’m a lebanese guy who was astonished by mr. najem’s interview today….you should check out the English in his website to have an idea about who is…the funny part is how people and the media take him so seriously!!!he’s going to come to lebanon with 2 or 4 jet fighters!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  12. george Says:

    hi everybody im lebanese too and i live in canada and i’d never heard about him and furthemore i find him a big liar

  13. riyad Says:

    hi ELIE
    it’s a long time
    how are u
    I hope u are so well,
    if u need anything from lebanon i am still there
    and ur power of attorney still valid .
    Truly yours
    RIAD Harakeh
    Attorney At Law

  14. Wadih Says:

    I just read about Elie Youssef Najem. I don’t know who the guy is and many people claim him to be a liar or a thief; However, most succesful men have negative comment beeing spread about since the world rathers beleiving tragedies and hearing about them than to hear about the accomplishments and greatness. The only thing I found really fishy about him is the fact that he is so unknown, and his claims are gigantic. The Walton’s are parte or the richest people in the richest country in the world (USA)- I think they rank from 5th to 10th richest in the US- and the richest between them is worth 15 billion. This is why I find Mr. Nagem’s 15 billion recent donation to lebanon claim quite fishy. However, I have heard of othre great riches in the world that no main western media knows about. Most of these richest are in either “3rd world” countries or dictatory states.(just think of the tens of billions that was found in Sadam’s wealth after the Irak war to give you a little hint). Therefore I like to beleive that anything is possible. If Mr Najem is for real, then God bless him and may he continue with his great work. If Mr. Najem is fake, then God bless him and I hope he gets help. Either way, God bless him, for we do not know what is in his mind, or his heart.

  15. zakareia Says:

    i met the guy. he needs help. but he is dangerous too.
    if you are a greedy stupid hopeless nonexperience person, be carefull and do not sell him or buy from him or make any kind of agreement with him.
    but sure. i have never seen such a sick person.
    i feel pitty for him and yet disgusted because he brings bad reputation to all lebanese.

  16. Elie's Cousin Says:

    I am Elie’s cousin. I know him better than any press or any of you who write about him. And i can tell you all right now that Elie is no dangerous man and if someone really did meet him you would know that. He is not a billionaire nether the less a millionaire. He does not own and operate any such business listed on his website and he certainly is not a doctor. He suffers from a mental illness i will not post here that was cause by the death of his older brother and his own accident which has left him physically disabled. He has problems, but certainly is not worth writing about.

  17. Elie's best friend Says:

    I’m so surprised to come upon this issue while surfing the net.. yes, I knew Elie since we were kids.. but I havent seen him since I left my country..I think all the rejection in school, his hard life has finally taken toll on his state of mind…Good thing he is now married…but I assure you, he is no billionaire and his website is just a dreamed up fairy tale ..I hope someone will put him out of his misery..he seriously needs to seek help for his mental health

  18. Dr.J.Ramesh Chandra Das Says:

    I have been in teaching and research field for the last forty years. About two decades within this period I had to divert my attention to Homoeopathy, meditataion and Pranic Healing to save the lives of some who were my kith and kin.and I succeeded in curing a number of incurable cases in other system of medicines and as a result I could establishe a name in the field. And I continued it for a long period. But all my service and treatment were entirely free and it led me to bankruptcy. And now because of bankruptcy I find it difficult to pull on and at the same time the miracle graced on me cannot be allowed to be stopped and go unutilized. To continue my service in the way I have been doing it sincerely without expecting in return any thing in either in cash or in kind but to continue in the field requires a huge sum. So I request you to extend your helping hand to render my valuable service uninterrupted , you may kindly let me know of your willingness to help and then I shall send my academic vitae and bank details.
    Thanking you, yours sincerely, sd/-

  19. Mystery man Says:

    this guy is basically a scam. go to his website look at the design of the website, if he’s so rish why can’t he hire peopel to make the website more attractive and make people to trust him more and also if he’s so rich why he only stays in condo in bangsar:

    Bangsar Puteri Condominium
    8th Floor Unit 3
    41 Jalan Medang Serai
    Bukit Bandaraya
    59100 Kuala Lumpur

    Read this blog to get more info about him:

  20. thalz142 Says:

    Hmmm yah this guy is just a dreamed up fairy i remember who the heck this guy lol….

  21. mannopause Says:

    I heard he is now a Tun (bestowed by himself i presumed). He is known to use the so-called Bridge Trust Bank of London to con unsuspecting and gullible Malaysians. Also claimed to have millions of dollars stashed in Barclay Bank, London. Beware Malaysians! Don’t fall for his conmanship!



  23. neo Says:

    i think u should know the continuation of da saga.haha..

  24. ezzy Says:

    Now you are done liar! gone gone gone….!

  25. None Says:

    If you would like to know the truth about Elie Najm he is not a wealthy doctor nor is he a muslim. He is a Christian Lebanese man. This man is very ill. He has no money, no education, and has no assets to his name. He has done fraudulent activity all around the planet with no successes. He is unfortunately my cousin. All his fame comes only from his own lies and criminal record of fraudulent activity.

  26. Ma'Fker Says:

    This ma’faker should be taken care of.Send him to mental hospital already.
    Blasted scammer,you better die.

  27. najem Says:

    Really good article about Elie!