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What’s Next for Proton?

Hmm… I never expected to write another entry regarding Proton, after this piece written in October last year. But recent developments have encouraged me enough to again, give my two cents regarding “Malaysia’s National Car Company”.

First off, how does this affect Malaysians in general? Unless you’ve been spending the last few years meditating alone in a cave, you’d have definitely noticed that Proton have made some really weird business decisions of late. Here’s a recap:

I find it extremely unbelievable that a company with so much protection from the government can mess up so much. However, this is very much in line with my belief that governments should stay clear of owning/running businesses. The political mind is one of the worst ways of running a business… there’s almost always a “hidden agenda”.

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  2. azizul Says:

    i dont know wat happen 2 proton…it sell its agusta share 4 only 1 euro???thats is ridicculos…PROTON…please make a vry big rvolutionary….at least..2 models in a year….and enhanced up the quality of the car…not usng the cheap plastic to the dashboard….lack off the vbration the dashboard….and other componen of the car….

  3. papajoneh Says:

    the video of the response by the Brits:

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    Try refreshing the page to see this video.

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    Bargh papajoneh,

    The problem is due to Google’s recent acquisition of YouTube.

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