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Hotlink Voice SMS Service Issues

I was made aware of Hotlink’s Voice SMS Service through TV advertisements and thought that this is a really cool service! Basically, as its name implies, it’s a short voice message system at an affordable rate. I decided to give it a try over the past few days.

Since this is a fairly new service, I do expect some teething problems… and some where glaringly apparent. Here’s a list of some of the service’s shortcomings that I noticed:

  • “Lost” messages. Occasionally I get to hear messages that are obviously not for me. So, for you lovebirds out there, I don’t recommend blurting out saucy things using this service. Your message might be leaked to a third party.
  • Inconsistent voice instructions. Sometimes the instructions are in English and sometimes in Malay. I’m just thankful that I actually understand both… but I can see how this inconsistency can be an issue for those who don’t understand one of them.
  • There’s no way to identify the sender. The options available after hearing a message are just delete and reply. If I don’t know who the sender is, how can I make a good decision? At least with SMS we can make use of CLI, but there’s no such feature with this service.
  • Inconsistent incoming voice SMS notifications. Sometimes you get it, often times you don’t.

If Maxis manages to fix all these issues, I have no doubt that it’ll be one of the most popular services in its stable.

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  1. dailymuscle Says:

    DiGi has a similar service – lunched early last year, called Bubble Talk.