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Usability Stupidities: Malaysian ATMs

I had always wanted to post about this, but time and time again I always forgot. But now that I do… here it goes.

Have you noticed that almost all ATM machines in Malaysia are causing you to waste two key presses everytime you make a withdrawal? Yes, no kidding! Let’s say I want to withdraw RM100 from the ATM machine. Here’s the sequence of events (not including entering the PIN and selecting the “Withdrawal” menu item):

  1. Press “1” : ATM display shows: RM0.01
  2. Press “0” : ATM display shows: RM0.10
  3. Press “0” : ATM display shows: RM1.00
  4. Press “0” : ATM display shows: RM10.0
  5. Press “0” : ATM display shows: RM100.0

The first two steps are completely and utterly unnecessary. It’s not like the ATMs can spit out coins anyway, right? Sure, this sort of redundancy might seem trivial to some. You merely waste roughly one second per withdrawal transaction. However, assuming that you make three withdrawals per week… that’s more than 2.5 hours wasted in a year!

So instead of enjoying an epic movie with a loved one, you’re wasting time keying in redundant digits in front of an ATM… alone :P. Now how sad is that?

2 responses to “Usability Stupidities: Malaysian ATMs”.

  1. Lainie Says:

    maybe for cash transfer between accounts?…..Hmmmmm.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Hmmm… maybe. But we did select the Withdrawal option now, right?

    To be brutally honest, it’s just stupidity or laziness (which is worse) in UI design.