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Latest NVidia Linux Display Drivers Feed

One of the things I’m always late on updating is the drivers for my NVidia display cards. They’re quite frequently updated, but I’m always too lazy to routinely check the NVidia web site for newer releases. I was thinking, “If only the NVidia web site has an RSS feed for its Linux display driver releases”… then an idea struck me; Why not create one myself!

And so I did. I fired up my favourite editor, jEdit, and started parsing and filtering out the crud from the Linux display drivers page’s HTML. After a few hours I successfully generated a valid RSS feed from the data on the page. Hopefully NVidia won’t be changing the layout of that page, because it’ll almost definitely break my PHP script.

I’ve added the feed to Feedburner, and you can view it here:

Hope this will be useful for users of Linux NVidia display drivers. Full source code is downloadable here, and is published under the GNU GPL.

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  1. HTNet Says:

    NVidia Linux Drivers Feed Passed First Test…

    NVidia has updated it’s Linux display drivers. The latest version is 1.0-8756, and it was released on 7 April 2006. This is the first update to the Linux NVidia display drivers in almost four months.
    The good news is that my Latest NVidia Linux d…

  2. nVidia Says:

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