Microsoft to Open Up Parts of Windows Code

The BBC has coverage on Microsoft’s decision to open up parts of its Windows operating system. This is the aftermath of of a an anti-trust ruling against the software giant in 2004. Quoted from the article:

The code will help rivals make their software compatible with Microsoft’s.

Really?! Then how the hell did developers write applications for Windows in the past? I think that particular line was written in an extremely idiot-friendly manner. Anyway, the main thing is that this would only be a good thing if the codes that’s going to be released is of some value to programmers.

To me it’s just way too early to applaud this as a positive move from Microsoft. They do have a history of treacherous dealings before. However, Malaysia’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation should keep a close eye on this turn of events, for the benefit of the IT industry. I think they spend way too much time, energy and money on stupid campaigns rather than more important things which can impact IT development positively.