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What Does Your Phone Number Spell?

Find out with PhoneSpell. Basically what this service does is to generate interesting number and word combos (eg. like 321-YUCK) from phone numbers that you key in. “How can phones enter alphabets?” you ask. Damn… you gotta be really old to be asking that question. You really don’t. The letters are what you usually see at the bottom of the digits. ie. ABC are under number 2, DEF under 3… you get the drill.

Anyway, just enter your phone number and let the PhoneSpell do its magic. Unfortunately for me, my number generated a pretty lame list:

  • pot-OK-70
  • rot-OK-70
  • sou-OK-70
  • so-to-570

It’d probably be more meaningful if I am a pot dealer or soto seller 😛 What sort of combos did you get?