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The Scenic Bridge Issue

Here’s the topic I’m going to write about: Malaysia’s plan to replace the causeway linking it to Singapore with a bridge. Heck, it’s in the most parts, no longer a plan, construction on the land area has already started and is in its completing stages. The major part that’s stalled is the actual bridge itself… Thanks to Singapore playing its role effectively, as a major pain in the diplomatic ass.

If it’s entirely up to me, the bridge would have been constructed already, be it crooked or otherwise. Negotiations with the ever-scheming Singaporean government will never end. They have a proven track record of stalling whatever agreements that they ever had with Malaysia. To put it simply, when it comes to dealing with Malaysia, the Singaporean government is rarely sincere, honest or truthful.

It makes me wonder why the Malaysian government even bother with their compatriots to the south. How much stalling and time wasting do our dimplomats want to tolerate before they realise the uselessness of discussing with the Singaporean government?

Enough with the niceties and just get on with the project already.

3 responses to “The Scenic Bridge Issue”.

  1. Simon Says:

    Wasting time ? geee…KL’s more-than-usual U turns isn’t any more efficient itself, is it ?

  2. JB Says:


    not usre which part of malaysia you are from.. but come ask some of Johoreans down south, you might understand a bit better… the responsibility of the present predicament of the bridge lies solely and squarely on the Malaysian govt shoulders… this thing has been in “planning” for like bloddy ten years.. why the hell would they undertake a mutli million project without even making sure all elements in the project would work consistently amazes me. the sudden U-turn cannot be said to be good or bad for the country. WHy? good: 1)so that we stop wasting time on negotiating with bloody Sillypore. 2)whats the purpose of the bridge anyway? nobody ever seems to question the bridge in the place? to let water pass under the bridge? my ass.. the pollution is caused by industrial and commercial discharge into the sea, no amount of better flow of water in tebrau straits would be better than better waste management policies..look around in JB,most of the areas in town still have open drainage..sure they have sewer systems, but all other stuff other than from the toilet bowl gets flushed into the open drains.. and ppl wonder why the straits are so dirty…3.come on have you seen how small the straits are? no cargo ship or commercial ship can pass through without scraping the singapore custom complex…no mattee how high the brige is made…4. so we can stop wasting more of the rakyat’s money and move on to better things… the list goes on… BAD: 1. we already wasted so much money,at first glance it looks wise to stop the project,, but hey… there a compensation sum to be paid out right? RM1billion? come on… anybody who is it going out to? gerbang perdana shareholders are??? do a search on google… won’t be surprise to see some govt related personnel… hmm… interesting. maybe they would be suggesting that we build an undersea tunnel all the way to singapore… that way no problem already lah… or maybe they won’t build it.. they might hire some international consultants to do a 5 year feasibility study on if we should build the tunnel… etc etc… hmm.. interesting…

    anyway.. it makes sense to point the finger at the present govt..and ask them for a “show cause letter” to be publish on an intenrnational newspaper… or even the sun. something that ould be unbiased in its reporting… sheesh… they are the ppl’s govt not the other way round…

    GOD bless Malaysia and its leaders..
    May the lord bring wisdom and foresight to our dear prime minister.

  3. Site Admin Azmeen Says:


    I’m fom JB myself. I never believed the excuse of “better flow” of the straits’ water. Never also was I a believer of the “shipping route” theory either. However, at the time I wrote the entry above, I do feel it is better to proceed unilaterally if the government really wants to make the bridge a reality.

    As of now, the point is moot. The bridge is not going to be built, and as far as I’m concerned, that is the end of the story.