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The Future of OSS In Malaysia

Some governments just see the value of Linux and Open Source software in particular. Others, like Malaysia’s, are just all talk but no clue.

The South Koreans are willing to invest in the creation of a Linux Showcase City. They’re already the most broadband accessable country in the world. One thing you got to hand it to the Koreans is that they’re really tuned in to the IT trends of the future. Something Malaysia severely lacks.

Frankly, I have no idea what Malaysia’s Open Source policy is all about. I’m fairly confident that absolutely zero of its 2005 targets have been reached. One thing that I can hand it to the Malaysian government is that they’re really good in policy documentation. If only they can follow through half as good as they’re in planning.

In my opinion, we’re just not getting the right “heads” for the agencies and departments reponsible for the OSS Master Plan. Heck, the steering committee is chaired by Mampu’s DG… which even on its web site, is just a position. There’s no information on who is the DG anyway! Is there really anyone in charge of the steering committee? If this person exists, what are his/her credentials that make him/her suited for the position? Has this person even used an open source OS like Linux or OpenBSD?

Personally, I find the future of OSS in Malaysia to be bleak… perhaps as bleak as the Mimos Open Source web site (which looks like it hasn’t been updated for ages). Our population is too used to using pirated Microsoft products to even bother to explore really free alternatives. Thanks in large part to our government’s attitude towards IT in general.

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