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Taco Bell Robot Cashiers

I don’t think there are any Taco Bell outlets in Malaysia, but they were one of my favourite fast food joints when I was working in Singapore. Reading this interesting article, it seems that Taco Bell is experimenting in using robot cashiers alongside the human ones.

To be honest though, they look more like your average ATMs rather than a robot. More pictures available here.

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  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I always remember the Taco Bell at Lakemba used to have a sign saying the meat they used was Hallal. [As a vegetarian, it never effected me that much]. 😉

    They used to make a good vegetarian burrito (seven layer burrito), but then they stopped making it and just had a plain old bean burrito! Yuch!

    Anyway, I haven’t eaten there since they stopped making the seven layer burrito. Nothing much on the menu to entice vegetarians … but might be kewl to see the robots in action if they install them here in Aussie. They’d probably do that in Sydney before they do it in Perth though.