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Fresh From Google’s Kitchen: Google Page Creator

Google has released its latest offering; Google Page Creator.

Basically it’s your usual personal web page hosting service, with Google’s well-knowned AJAX wizardry thrown in for good measure. There are some pretty nice templates available for you to choose from. However, I don’t see any options for you to create your own. You can also choose from four different page layouts to organise your content.

You can also upload files that you want to make available for download from your pages. The interface for uploading files is very easy to use.

From my initial testing, Google Page Creator doesn’t produce valid XHTML. In addition, I wouldn’t recommend it to those who are already experienced in authoring web pages due to the limited designs and layouts available. However, it’s very newbie-friendly and better still, created pages have no ads!

5 responses to “Fresh From Google’s Kitchen: Google Page Creator”.

  1. baldo Says:

  2. iGotNoTime Says:

    Wow you were up on this one fast! I have to agree, not good for those who know what they are doing already. But this is the best solution out there for my parents or any other noob that has a tough time with simpler things like registering on a forum.

    The thought of ad-free hosting is amazing, a previously failed concept and Google of course has what it takes to make it work and to free the world! Just waiting on the Talk to get more developed now. 😛 In time, in time.

  3. Dan Says:

    I have tried searching for google pages that users have created but haven’t had any luck.
    What serach term would you use to bring back a list of all the pages that have been created?

  4. baldo Says:

    try this link

  5. HTNet Says:

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