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The Origami Project Mystery

There’s been a lot of hubbub surrounding, especially since people started to notice that the domain was registered by Microsoft.

Let’s see what the web site tells us…

  • A page that has a title of hello, containing a Flash movie.
  • Source code shows liberal use of JavaScript and VBScript.
  • “Hello”; “Do you know me?”; “Do you know what I can do?”; “And where I can go?”; “Or how I can change your life?”; “You will”… Typical “oohh so mysterious” trailer ad
  • Teaser endnote stating that more will be revealed on March 2nd, 2006
  • Ooohhh… an RSS feed!

Hmm… the web site was not much help. Even New York Times played a guessing game on what the Origami Project is all about.

However, there’re now more information available for us in the form of pictures and videos. Looks kinda nifty… but does it run Linux 😛