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All Horsepower But Little Innovation

Microsoft and Sony’s approach to the next generation of gaming is merely putting a loaf of stale bread into a fancy package.

That is what Anthony Sarni from Nintendo Revolution News has to say about the recent advances in console gaming.

I have to agree with him. The XBox 360 and PS3 both sport mean engines underneath their hoods. However, they look virtually identical to the consoles of previous generations. Controller keypads may have more buttons not to mention force feedback capabilities, however, this merely extends the console gaming interaction that we have experienced since the days of the Atari.

Essentially, this makes games unnecessarily binded to the capabilities of the controllers. To me, the controller has been the most overlooked and underdeveloped area of console gaming. The improvements in this area has, so far, been merely in ergonomics.

I’d definitely would like to see how Nintendo Revolution’s controller differ from the norm other than in aesthetics alone.