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Guide to India for Bush

I was listening to BBC World Service on my way home from work yesterday. They then broadcasted this piece from Bachi Karkaria of The Times of India called A Guide to Mysterious India for Mr Bush.

I found it hilarious and definitely worth sharing with HTNet‘s visitors.

2 responses to “Guide to India for Bush”.

  1. Shrutarshi Basu Says:

    that is one fun read. Being an Indian, I appreciate it. Problem is, many Indians don’t have a sense of humour. oh well, thats life.

  2. Site Admin Azmeen Says:

    Not many Malaysians do too. In addition, the sad part is, I’m the only Malaysian I know who listens to BBC world service. It seems that Malaysians are only bothered about what Mawi had for breakfast rather than finding out more about global events 😛